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Should Married People Have Affairs?

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Author Topic: Should Married People Have Affairs?  (Read 667 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 13, 2009, 03:57:40 am »
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just after I had my son I went along to weight watchers to lose the pregnancy gain...and one night we had a lecture from the cops telling us women ...[back in the late seventies] when I was a teenager....that if we are being raped, allow them to do it without resistence...that way we will preserve our lives.....then a couple of years later, I was attacked in a home invasion and I did nothing to defend myself....I was punched a lot but never lost my footing, thank god and without going into further detail, the guy ran off.....later, I met JW's who told me unless a woman "screams" according to the Bible, it isn't "****"...so I was told two different things by two different groups of people...now with the mind set I have and with the husband I have who taught me the nature of men, there is no way on this planet I am NOT going to resist ANYONE doing anything to me or my property...the guy is going to be dead in two seconds flat.

Jane lived across the road, she would be about 65ish now but when she was 15, she was raped by three men in North Fremantle...she got pregnant and her mother took over that baby and she wasn't allowed to talk to it or look after it [those were different times]....later as a divorced mother of another 3 children, one of her daughters was bashed up by the boyfriend one time, so Jane on discovering this, ran out to his car when he pulled up, and proceeded to beat the **** out of him.....I should imagine having a woman beat you up would be a humiliating experience for a 19 yr old....NO ONE was going to get away when hurting one of her kids.....that is the mind set of survivors of extreme violence...it empowers you.

Over the years, the police and ESPECIALLY THE COURTS have a lot to be ashamed of in my state....regarding the protection of women especially with WRONG advice. It is up to women to advise their sisters on what to do...

Hurting strangers isn't our natural human inclination and the thugs know this....well, it is about time that situation was changed.

I believe it is documented that if females put out a resistence, then that is usually successful and yes, naturally there are exceptions to rules...and some will die trying....but dying is better than surviving some situations to live a life in fear with PTSD...or some other such lamearse condition.
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