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July 06, 2022, 04:17:19 am
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Should Married People Have Affairs?

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Author Topic: Should Married People Have Affairs?  (Read 208 times)
« on: April 10, 2009, 05:39:17 pm »
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On the internet, everyday, there are thousands of females who log onto match-and-meet websites (not mentioning any names...), and write their profiles up, describing themselves as 'bored, lonely housewives'. Well, for goodness sake, why dont you get off your lazy butt and go and get yourself a job, a hobby, or even volunteer for something. The excuses these women come up with for cheating on their husbands are just ridiculous, and often very far-fetched...My husband doesnt pay enough attention to me, my life has no meaning, I have no friends, etc. etc.
  I mean, really, the first thing you should do if you feel as though your relationship is in turmoil is to be a decent human being and TELL your partner of your concerns...And if you are so darned unhappy in the relationship you are in, then get the hell out of it. Oh, I've heard all the excuses- He wont let me leave, He wont pay child support for the kids if he has to leave, I have nowhere else to go, He provides for me, Im staying with him for the kids...PLEASE!!! If the truth be known, children pick up on their parents vibes, whether you are smiling or grimacing, the kids will always know deep down how you really feel, and if they are sensing the tension between partners, they will start to play-up for attention, either to make the parents forget their stresses and concentrate on other stresses (such as stopping the kids bathing the kitten, or feeding each other tabasco sauce!) . Otherwise the children will start to rebel from their parents, getting into trouble and disrespecting other adults.
    So, before you go and title yourself a "Bored,Lonely housewife", first think of what you can do to actually change that...Try new things in the bedroom, do little things for your husband to notice you,like a sexy outfit, or even go to the footy with him and try to compromise on your relationship status, before going to the extreme of having an affair, whether an emotional or physical one...
I mean, really, if your not happy where you are, why even be there?
   To cheat is just to cause unwanted,unneeded and unneccessary heartache, usually to someone who had no idea things were as bad as you think they are.

amen sistah
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