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May 14, 2021, 03:43:42 pm
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3rd Rail Shout Box

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Author Topic: 3rd Rail Shout Box  (Read 766 times)
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« on: April 12, 2011, 07:27:04 pm »
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(12:14:15) caskur: okey dokey

(13:37:07) Vixen: useless ditchpig.. a day spent doing preceisly **** all but play with youtubes.

(13:46:05) caskur: shuddup Omnia

(03:15:04) THE_BRA1N: oh god, i listened to them all and it is all so pathetic that i dont know where to start. it reminds me battered women who bring me tapes of their abusive husbands for court... and THAT was the guy who swept you off your feet and you were going to live with?

(03:17:48) THE_BRA1N: ... some David Koresh figure after whatever money he thinks you have who sounds like he's on the verge of an infarction if he doesnt beat the **** out of you? :snack

(03:18:29) THE_BRA1N: very sad. why do you even post that or bring it to my attention?

(03:19:55) The_Scoundrel: Bra1n. Remember who we're talking about here

(03:23:29) THE_BRA1N: I know but even considering that, this was still... striking to hear. Pathetic that anyone would voluntarily put themselves in such a position and volunataril​y subject themselves to that type of abuse but I see it quite often.

(04:19:56) The_Scoundrel: Victim mentality mate. It's a woldwide phenomena obviously

(04:37:29) caskur: I set him up silly... why are you so dumb? So you believe for one minute I am stupid enough to put up with that? I am no victim.... Bra1n has a twisted version of it on what HIS life experience is When Dean started to "show" me his darker side, I dumped him.... there reason its resurfaced and will continue to resurface on sites is because of flea dumping a post by him and that needs to be counteracte​d once and for all.

(04:37:52) caskur: Dean was a good person but his darker side, his addiction side scared, me off.... I could live with his good side but never live with bad and I don't like your American laws, they're virtually archaic

(04:38:09) caskur: There are several women fleeced of their money in USA because of dean,... one bashed up woman approached me asking for the tapes two months ago And if you feel like that about your female citizens in the USA Bra1n then you should change your profession very quickly.

(04:43:36) caskur: When Dean's third wife first approached me (the one pressing for bigamy) I said NO... I hardly even remember him,... I had closure over all that. What gets me the most is, I tried and tried to get the women at the time to listen and they wouldn't listen... 

(05:16:47) THE_BRA1N: So you were "setting him up" then in the next shout talking about what a good person he was and how you can live with his "good side"? Riiiiiight.​......

(05:19:47) THE_BRA1N: This guy comes across as a complete degenerate devoid of redeeming qualities who is after one thing only - to dominate and fleece you and you are right, perhaps I am judging him by my own life experiences but I have seen this movie enough times to know the ending

(05:21:50) THE_BRA1N: Put it this way, I DEVOUR and **** out chumps like that on regular occassions in a real world setting

(05:23:47) caskur: Dean had started to threatening serious injury to me..... no one on the net believed it. I had to tape him and get him talking and the more he talked, the more he sunk himself... it wasn't my life I was worried about, it was Brent in Alabama'lif​e I was worried about 

(05:25:08) THE_BRA1N: You are a fool to devote a minute of your time to him, let alone your life but that seems to be a recurring pattern with you considering how you also devote so much of your time to the likes of Alpo, flea, etc.

(05:25:32) THE_BRA1N: You love misery and misery loves you back.

(05:28:55) caskur: Dean said to me over the phone, He was going to kill kurt, and my mother (who he had actually rang) and then cut my face so I would never be attractive to other men, cut off my fingers so I could never make art again and **** me unnaturally​…. Amongst other things,, All the netizens ever saw was his endless love poetry to me… when I dumped him, he rampaged over the net denigrating me and my son. I needed HARD evidence he was a whacko and I got it.

(05:30:17) caskur: the women would not believe that someone who had done so much for me, who had written and slaughtered everyone in path would actually say those things to me

(05:33:17) THE_BRA1N: Which women, your MSN rocket scientist friends you hang around with like "aerte"? It must suck going through life being stupid, miserable and attracted to other miserable people.

(05:33:56) caskur: One time he insisted he send me ALL the money he earned for 1 month and I could NOT talk him out of it so I rang his father and told his father he had no money and was eating on the floor so his mother and father drove 2 hours to give him $200 and buy him breakfast and then return home again….. They rang me back and told me what they did…. Then I got on the net and saw him dissing his parents badly and lying about them and that is when I knew something was wrong with him…. I found his ungrateful attitude to his parents WRONG….

(05:34:21) caskur: That was the start of me pulling out and Dean kept hanging on trying to convince me leaving my safe world to go live in a RSV with demented him was a better option…. And I know with my IQ being 15 and all (snicker) that wasn’t going to work… I was FORCED TO live for 2 weeks in a mobile home when the house burned down on my property and that was enough to cure me of any romantic notions dog boxes were a better alternative to a nice comfortable functioning home.

(05:35:28) caskur: Women were, RavenWynter​, Sharyn, Flea, and all fleas friends.... not Arete... she ran with a different crowd

(05:36:21) caskur: he imposed himself on sharyn (20 yrs older than him) and Ravenwynter​, and Melody

(05:36:52) caskur: there is far too much to go over it all.... you've heard enough info 

(05:38:02) caskur: I want revenge on flea and I got it... I don't want anything else

(05:38:36) caskur: dean did write the post but it was flea that took the post with my real name in it all over flame town

(05:39:02) caskur: and I am the ONLY person on the planet with my name so its NOT a generic name

(05:41:43) THE_BRA1N: I dont think you still get it .. that guy is and likely has always been a psychopath on the prowl, not for romance but for victims... and irrespectiv​e of your last minute maneuvers to let the world know about him, you unwittingly availed yourself to him as a potential partner in life. 6 billion people on Earth and you pick that psychopath. TFF

(05:42:39) caskur: um,.... I got it fairly early in the picture... I know he is a psycopath and a convincing one

(05:42:52) caskur: Alpo is another psychopath

(05:43:34) caskur: I do "get it" Bra1n....

(05:43:51) THE_BRA1N: Two psychopaths whom you devote much of your life too. WHat does that say about you?

(05:44:27) caskur: dean was married to Sheri when we met on the net.... we spoke as "friends only" for 2 months

(05:44:45) caskur: dean ran up a 5000 dollar phone bill

(05:45:44) caskur: it just all happened B.... don't even bother judging me... I had had enough of Kurt and the hangers on in my rl

(05:46:53) caskur: your fellow countrymen and women can''t talk,... most of them are married for 5 minutes and cheating when they stay together

(05:47:21) THE_BRA1N: You supposedly realize that they are psychopaths but you STILL associate with them on a daily basis and get caught up in these tangled web of online histrionics​. You really need professiona​l help and if you dont want me to judge then you should be sending this **** to me PM box and asking what I think.

(05:48:11) caskur: dean left sheri and sheri NEVER divorced him and dean has married (illegally) and bashed up half a dozen women since then

(05:48:41) caskur: keep your friend close and your enemies closer....

(05:49:51) caskur: I didn't askl what you think... I thought you'd find some of it funny, not start this heart to heart crappola...​.

(05:50:18) THE_BRA1N: That phrase implies to keep your enemies close as though they were your friends, NOT AS ENEMIES. Dolt.

(05:51:26) caskur: but i do not have enemies anymore... alpo is a problem for poor old Unemployedk​ernal, not me

(05:53:01) caskur: enemies spread slander and libel.... which is actually now renamed "defamation" and that can seriously effect my real life

(05:53:05) THE_BRA1N: Funny? What the hell can possibly be funny about that? I find it pathetic and as a microcosm of your online existence - devoting much of your day to losers who despise you

(05:54:04) caskur: he kept hanging up so he could report me to the police.... they did come around 2 MONTHS later and when they heard the tapes, they laughed their arses off

(05:54:46) caskur: do YOU depise me?

(05:54:51) THE_BRA1N: You will never learn or better yourself. In 20 years, you will be going through the same things with pretty much the same type of life as now.

(05:56:05) caskur: better myself? I am already at the top of the **** food chain, ya dipstick

(05:56:07) THE_BRA1N: No, I dont. If i did you likely wouldnt be allowed to post here nor would I spend any considerabl​e time engaging you

(05:57:16) THE_BRA1N: LOL, yeah whatever.. enjoy the view from the top of a mound of horse ****

(05:57:20) caskur: then shut it with the "depise you" schtick... the only ones that depise me at the jealous flea-lite types

(05:57:31) caskur: cuz I pinch all their men off them

(05:57:50) caskur: Tongue

(06:03:01) caskur: this is what JOO just wrote at CO - Yo... Caskur has a way of sending fuckers over the edge. I **** love it

(06:08:02) Angelica: Holy crap, this is a shoutbox, not a psychiatris​t's office. Knock it off!
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