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May 14, 2021, 03:47:01 pm
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3rd Rail Shout Box

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Author Topic: 3rd Rail Shout Box  (Read 766 times)
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« on: March 19, 2011, 03:33:57 am »
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(15:38:52) Johnny_Storm: uh, i mean WAR VIXEN!

(16:01:20) THE_BRA1N: What a drama queen! THERE IS NO "UNJOIN" from here, there is a delete account which I am not going to do. If you've had it with this place then to borrow a quote from another member - **** OFF

(16:04:57) Vixen: might aswel delete it

(16:05:12) Vixen: she cant leave because she's a sick addict

(16:07:14) Vixen: with sick 'needs' that need constant stroking

(16:09:14) THE_BRA1N: its not a problem when someone has 20 posts but when they have over 1000 it fucks up threads and searching which im not going to do. it's so stupid for her to keep requesting to be "unjoined" when all she needs to do is gtfo but she wants the attention

(16:09:55) THE_BRA1N: its like a drunkard at a bar begging to bartender to throw them out

(16:10:20) Vixen: she won't be missed in anycase.

(16:11:56) THE_BRA1N: having you turn on her was probably more than she could take

(16:12:12) Vixen: it's like back at FC, when it was hanging on its last thread, and those worth mentioning had deserted the place, she was still posting on her lonesome like some deranged ****

(16:16:47) Vixen: she's prob busy chronicling her copy and pastes, including this one, for publishing

(16:18:36) THE_BRA1N: keep in mind thats its 4am in Perth shes up "asking me politely" to unjoin her from here.. over and over and over

(16:18:46) Cookie_Monster: cacker flounced? good:snick

(16:19:35) Cookie_Monster: :snack

(16:21:11) Vixen: 4am when she could be in bed comforting her otherwise useless husband she'd rather be here entertaining those who wish for her demise.. what a **** IDIOT

(16:21:46) THE_BRA1N: That's what Ive been saying to her for years

(16:22:09) THE_BRA1N: two words - mental illness

(16:23:02) Vixen: that and the trauma of having lost her son, which I suspect has greatly contributed to much of this mental illness

(16:23:11) Vixen: You need professional help

(16:23:43) THE_BRA1N: Im sure that has something to do with it too

(16:24:21) Vixen: in anycase, you won't be getting any sympathy from me. You arent the first to experience bereavement and u wont be the **** last.

(16:24:44) THE_BRA1N: Shes been through a lot of ****. I do have a bit of sympathy for her.

(16:25:57) Vixen: no sympathy from me, not when it is used to excuse yourself from creating problems

(16:26:28) THE_BRA1N: good point

(16:27:30) Cookie_Monster: pEOPLE i know use BDSM to deal with issues, load of nutters, she just uses others

(16:27:54) Cookie_Monster: load of people with mental health problems i mean.

(16:28:03) Vixen: you need to reign that fat **** in Bra1n.. it's getting out of hand

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