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May 17, 2021, 01:53:57 pm
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3rd Rail Shout Box

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Author Topic: 3rd Rail Shout Box  (Read 766 times)
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« on: March 17, 2011, 07:58:11 pm »
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(04:27:54) Cookie_Monster: load of people with mental health problems i mean.

(04:28:03) Vixen: you need to reign that fat **** in Bra1n.. it's getting out of hand

(04:28:39) Cookie_Monster: shut your gob bra1nmong. Post rationing?

(04:28:47) THE_BRA1N: As if i have any control over her... i dont

(04:29:30) Johnny_Storm: happy st. faggots' day!!!

(04:29:41) THE_BRA1N: She wont leave her no matter how many times she says she is

(04:29:43) Johnny_Storm: u know who u r

(04:29:46) THE_BRA1N: here

(04:29:52) Vixen: shut up Johnny

(04:29:59) Cookie_Monster: niggot wanna nother owning?

(04:30:09) Vixen: u too Mong

(04:30:25) THE_BRA1N: dont start **** here or you will be temp banned

(04:30:38) Vixen: you don't have ccontrol over her, but u have full control of ur board

(04:30:47) Vixen: loser

(04:31:08) Cookie_Monster:

(04:31:09) THE_BRA1N: what are you saying i should do?

(04:31:21) Johnny_Storm: wearing green panties today?

(04:31:37) Cookie_Monster: post ration and **** can her bug thread

(04:31:50) THE_BRA1N: lol

(04:31:57) Vixen: confine her to the pig pen. out of sight, out of mind

(04:32:19) Johnny_Storm: sucking on a couple of blarney stones?

(04:32:24) Vixen: she can start her bee threads in there

(04:32:37) Vixen: yes Caskur, iam a ****

(04:32:53) Vixen: next time, you'll watch ur **** mouth

(04:33:15) Cookie_Monster:

(04:33:20) THE_BRA1N: well many of her posts ARE in her bug thread already

(04:33:47) Cookie_Monster: Pig pen it

(04:35:24) THE_BRA1N: done

(04:35:34) Cookie_Monster:

(04:36:19) Vixen: well done

(04:36:35) THE_BRA1N: 73/101 posts in that thread are from her

(04:36:43) Vixen: now restrict cookie to the pig pen too

(04:36:52) Vixen:

(04:36:57) Johnny_Storm: fag pen

(04:37:12) Vixen: kiss me johnny

(04:37:24) Johnny_Storm: tiny **** suckers' pen

(04:37:53) Johnny_Storm: kiss? i want sex

(04:38:07) THE_BRA1N: johnny is about to get a 24hr ban

(04:38:33) Vixen: oh

(04:38:41) Johnny_Storm: and don't pull out no **** like someone here's date
(04:39:00) Johnny_Storm: not naming names, and all

(04:45:55) Vixen: to the pig pen you go .. *waves at Caskur* God knows i **** tried

(04:47:42) Cookie_Monster: yOU CANT TRAIN NIGGOT, hes a field ****

(04:59:39) THE_BRA1N: How can you not root for a school called Morehead?

(05:00:23) Johnny_Storm: some brit here roots for Gonfaga

(05:01:29) Cookie_Monster:

(05:01:47) Johnny_Storm: speak of the devil

(05:01:54) Cookie_Monster: Some coon needs the big whip

(05:02:43) Cookie_Monster: Your one public lavotary experiance away from being catapulted out the closet niggot.

(05:03:21) Johnny_Storm: so how did you return date go, cry monster?

(05:03:56) Johnny_Storm: get a high colonic?

(05:22:54) Cookie_Monster: I have a GF, thats all you need to know niggot

(05:23:13) Johnny_Storm: "GF"

(05:23:13) Cookie_Monster:

(05:23:28) Cookie_Monster: Girlfriend dork

(05:23:29) Johnny_Storm: gay friend

(05:23:49) Cookie_Monster: You have a gay friend? BF?

(05:24:07) Cookie_Monster: Do you bite pillows?

(05:24:39) Vixen: she's your girlfriend? send her my condolences

(05:33:45) Johnny_Storm: straight guys don't ask other guys "do they bite pillows"...​.pwned

(07:22:12) Persephone: Damn, I miss everthang.

(07:45:59) Johnny_Storm: even the toilet

(07:57:18) Persephone: You're thinking of your **** buddy.

(08:12:25) THE_BRA1N: So much for Bucknell

(08:14:16) THE_BRA1N: At least the Gators lead by the spirit of Tim Tebow are dominating
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