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Did Man Walk on the Moon in 1969?

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Author Topic: Did Man Walk on the Moon in 1969?  (Read 372 times)
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« on: September 17, 2010, 07:11:07 am »
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Caskur, if you want to continue to have a discussion about this then put on those cheap faux spectacles of yours, go back and read post #73 and see if somehow you can manage to formulate some kind of lucid response to it and the questions I asked you in the previous posts.

Otherwise, I'll be coming back for you with the tard restraints and throwing you into your gimp box until someone else finds you and lets you loose to listen to every random thought which crosses your mind. I sure don't.

I should imagine that it was everyone’s dream back then to go to the moon and that the Russian did beat the yanks to space… However… I don’t know if the Russians wanted to go to the moon…. Did they? How the **** would I know if they wanted to go to the moon or not?…. I wasn’t born in the 1950s and most of the people posting on the groups were either infants or young children at best in the 1950s.  You’re asking hypothetical’s and I want to deal with the science behind what I have come to reason is that the manned moon landing was a hoax. And you’re the one who wanted to divert things that I write on about your political agendas. In case you’ve forgotten, I posted 10 points that were raised by an Australian Physicist. You know, one of your peers and not some dumb Christian fundy that you love to disparage at regular intervals because they‘re flat earth and flat headed contenders.

Since Oz was highly involved with the USA space program which is basically a war program headed by a war criminal from Nazi Germany.. Its NOT nullity at all. Americans couldn’t communicate unless they had Australia’s support at that time.

Look up wiki and see The Falcon and the Snowman, and scroll down to where it says, the CIA wanted Gough Whitlam gone….Pine Gap is where the Americans carried out their secret war business on Australian soil…its not side tracking at all. Gough Whitlam wanted a socialist world and of course the stop to the Viet Nam war…. Btw, Socialism and Communism are two different things and I don’t think Americans really know the difference.

If you decide to bin this thread, I will still write in it..in the pen, or in the bin, by myself… either way, I won’t let this subject drop. I found NASA’s rebuttal to the moon landing, wanting…. I now have the time to explore the subject again. On doing so, I have encountered problems as sites have shifted since I last broached this subject. The fact that I am doing so, shouldn’t scare you and it shouldn’t cause you to mock people who do want to challenge it…. There is fraud in science like ALL the other branches of mankind’s interests. You should be bloody happy I am taking time to write anything at all.

If the Russians had/have knowledge of exposing a fraud, then I am sure they would say something. You and I have NO factual knowledge of them either 1. Actually knowing a fraud happened or 2. What would be a reason they would keep it to themselves assuming they actually have knowledge?  Didn’t the supposed relays from the moon go to Australia first then to the USA? And not directly to the USA

from the moon? Do you know for sure?  That is why Australia was able to supply Americans with an original version of the moon landing that Americans had allegedly lost..

come on Bra1n.... get your sexy self in here and start writing...

Pine Gap...


Australia had a huge interest and part to play in the space program..

No English speakng astronaut is going to attempt another moon trip. They're going to film archives trying to work out how they did it the first time and are now realizing it was probably a hoax.....

All other missions are just plans now....lol.... and people are made to think its possible by various means... science fiction movies contribute to lot of it. The Chinese astronauts better learn English real quick like and get themselves a PC so they can investigate.... they're the next poor bastards to be sacrificed in space to show the world who has the more advance technologies....the Easterners or the Westerners.

And now NASA is planning another giant step - Project Outreach, a 1 trillion dollar manned mission to Mars. "Think what they'll be able to mock up with today's computer graphics," says Rene Chillingly. "Special effects was in its infancy in the 60s. This time round will have no way of determining the truth."

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