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Author Topic: Circumcision  (Read 118 times)
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« on: February 21, 2010, 11:22:51 pm »
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Every single male in my family and extended family were "done".....it doesn't inhibit sexual performance and prowess, nor does it prevent children being conceived.....female genital mutilation does all that.....because that horrendous CRIME was never sanctioned by “God” and was designed to stop women enjoying sex and straying in marriage by MEN…and does NOT have any health benefits what so ever.

The circumcision of males make excellent sense. Since the males are very prone to thrush diseases which they pass to women…..I have a great picture on my hard drive that obviously I cannot post out on this board due to its censor but its an uncircumcised dick totally infested with warts….as you know the wart virus turns into cancer 20 yrs down the track and kills WOMEN….see Farrah Fawcett Majors for confirmation.

No man came back from the WW1 said to ban circumcision….they ALL DEMANDED THEIR SONS TO BE “DONE”.

They are now encouraging male circumcision in Africa to curb STDs, especially AIDS….I also met a man on the boards who was a medic on US navy ships where they were performing 1 adult male circumcision a week….so if having a bloody foreskin was optimal, no man would have to be, “done.”

Sex done right, doesn’t have many problems, if any at all…..sex done wrong, kills people and its as simple as that. Like it or not, the Bible gave the correct information about sex, how to do it and how not to do it and anyone with a microgram of nonce will adhere to its instructions.

Wayglo once commented on this subject about circumcision when some idiot bleated about infections being cured by anti-biotics….too bad those posts were lost to cyber space but in effect, he was complaining about the misuse of anti-biotics and how feeding them continually (emphasis on the word continually) was causing people to become allergic to them or bugs becoming immune to anti-biotics….he used the illustration of his granddaughter and her constant need to use anti-biotic cuz the bloody doctors wouldn’t take her tonsils OUT… Men relying on anti-biotics for their dick conditions need to do the same.

NO male baby child remembers his circumcision. No grown man with his dick done gives a F### he was done, they’re all happy as punch to be circumcised, (bar the odd mental case).

It hurts a baby? Big deal,…they’re going to be hurt a thousand times more before old age and death anyway…give them some pandol.
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