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And Now a Gloat Post by Sezza

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Author Topic: And Now a Gloat Post by Sezza  (Read 133 times)
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« on: December 02, 2009, 02:11:10 am »
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Quote Sezza

G'day mates!!! Hows ya all goin'Huh?

Firstly i will like to say a big thank you to all that voted for me... you are the best 
As for you all that voted for the Bushpig... you should be ashamed of yourself!!! For entertainment purposes you really should of voted for me... its the only way Piggy could of got the much needed help required.... you could tell from the start that she was shitting herself... hence why she bitched about one thing to another - from my run ins to those who voted for me 

NOW i have a very special treat for you all!!! Bushpig was interviewed in regards to how it felt  to lose her own call out match.... to me!!!

"caller" - hello is this Bushpig aka Cathy and numerious other alts???

"Cathy" - oink oink oink

(sorry it looks like the translator is broken - give me 2 secs to kick the fucker)

"caller" - i am ringing up to get your opinions on losing your own call out match to Sezza, in your own words can you tell me how you feel in regards to losing???

"Cathy" - Oink oink **** oink
stalker oink oink **** oink

(hmmm the translator is still broken... maybe i kicked it too hard so let me try my best to translate)

"caller" - and why did you quit the group at such an important stage of the match, at a time everyone was voting on who they felt won???

"Cathy" - i tried my best to get the admin and mods to see my side, i knew if i lost to Sezza out of all people i will never hear the end of it
I was the Queen of MSN you know!!! No matter how much i squealed or hit my puter hoping it would knock some sense into them - even the louder i got, the less they seemed to of heard!!! I am use to being ignored though, my husband ignores me out of spite of my time on the puter... but can you blame me, i love it when my goonies kiss my fat ass and make me feel wanted and needed!!! I have even created my own version of Prowler who chose flea over me... i have never gotten over that!!! And will continue to obsess over that for the rest of my life...

"caller" - that is great to hear and all, I'm sure.... but you didn't answer why you quit the group when there was only a couple of hours left...

"Cathy" -To be honest, i couldn't bare to lose to Sezza, i know she is better than me and lives on the better side of Australia - but having to think the whole flame world, my life on the net, thought so too was just gawd darn scary!!! I even tried to make her look stoopid when it came to the JWs... but didn't get me anywhere.... she has done alot of research and i couldn't prove it otherwise

Just like i know her hubby rang, she keeps saying he didn't and that the phone bill will prove so, but he had a pommy accent and Sezza mentioned that just the other day so thats my proof!!!

"caller" - so you can't exactly say it was Sezza's hubby that called???

"Cathy" - well he had a pommy accent so it had to be him!!!

"caller" - so are your days on the net over???

"Cathy" - not in the least, have you never heard the expression "its not over till the fat lady sings"Huh? Well i haven't sung yet!!! And i am fat

"caller" - ummm ok then - well thanks for expressing how truly butthurt and depressing you are, i will do a follow up story a bit later... maybe after a few coffees
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