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May 24, 2024, 01:12:20 am
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Dancing Mustard Socks it to TWaP

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Author Topic: Dancing Mustard Socks it to TWaP  (Read 100 times)
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« on: May 29, 2010, 08:14:25 am »
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Good bloody show if you ask me...

Yeah, good one.

So much easier to try and paper over your errors by grunting '**** off' at your detractors, than to just admit you've let yet another thread full of vapid, flame-free, cyber-flirting gum up a board that is supposed to be devoted to flaming.

Seriously, here's a clue: The reason that this place is such a dump and contains so little decent content is because you let attention-seeking imbeciles like Sezza and Lemon use it as a personal spamming ground ("Hey wub you hun! Gon post mi nekids soon! lol!"). Now, I realise that you are a very lonely and affection-starved old man, and I understand that conducting endless, low-voltage, flirty dialogues with dumb cyber-whores like them is the nearest thing that you get to interaction with females these days. But do you really have to inflict your crisis of libido on all of us? People are trying to flame each other here, stop drowning them under an endless deluge of moronic conversations; your desire to stroke yourself over the trillings of online sluts is making this place unreadable.

Let me put it another way: This is a flame board, for flaming on. Your lame trysts with ugly alleged females do not contain flames; that means that they do not belong here. Simple enough concept, right?

Do yourself (and the site that has, for some incomprehensible reason, appointed a moron like yourself to assist in running it) a favour and shift that lame **** to chatter. It's where it belongs. Or, go **** nuts, make a "place for ghastly cyber-skanks to flirt with lonely old losers" board and then go indulge yourself on there instead.

This should not be a difficult thing to understand, even for somebody as talentless and stupid as you. Go flirt with ugly bitches on the 'flirting with ugly bitches' board; do your flaming on the flame board. And don't pollute that aforementioned flame board with your pathetic OAP attempts to make yourself feel like a stud.

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