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February 27, 2024, 10:18:37 pm
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Rambling Thoughts

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Author Topic: Rambling Thoughts  (Read 150 times)
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« on: July 07, 2008, 10:28:28 am »
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Some weeks should just be put down to one of those weeks best forgotten and that was my week, this past week.

Was that a convoluted sentence or what? It wasn’t really but it is what I am feeling inside my heart.

Convoluted. What a great word. In 1993 during one of my English Literature classes, the teacher told me, one of my paragraphs in an essay I wrote, was convoluted. And I allude to things. In recent times, a fellow poster at the groups informed me that I was one of the most intriguing writers, he’d ever met. The next time and in less convincing tones, that same person said, I was the most interesting writer he had ever met. Well, actually, I am no writer although at times, I can write just the right phrase to get my point across. I know I can get the maximum meaning is a short sentence, that I can do.

I’m babbling on here because I am a little frustrated this week due to having a double bout of ill health so I am using this time to unravel the block that has grabbed hold of me and won’t let me go. I am sure everyone gets times like that and what do they do about it?

One thing you can do about it is, go and find something that you don’t normally do as a break and a change of life’s course. Actually, the only real thing I should do, is have a holiday. Holidays are only something I talk about and never do.

I just know that one year from now, I will read this nonsense and wonder what prompted me to write it. I know what is prompting me now to write it and that is boredom and frustration. Tonight, there were so many good current news shows to write about and yet, if I did, no one would read it. Everyone now go….awww, poor caskur.

OK, my dream holiday would be, a tropical island or a sub-tropical would be better….laying on the beach doing nothing except, read a book, smell the ocean air and order, Rock lobster mornay, chips and salad with an extra special French dressing. Not a cheap location like Thailand or the Philippines but somewhere like Tahiti. Yeah, I wanna go to Tahiti. That is what I want to do. The other thing is, sell my assets and buy a cabin on a ship and just sail around permanently until I die. Of course, the movies, “The Poseidon Adventure,” & “The Titanic,” have made that idea a little less attractive these days and then there was the food poisonings on the ships as was reported in the news last year, that is another turn off with that romantic notion of living on a ship…Ooo and who can forget that awful movie that made Nicole Kidman famous in the USA, “Dead Calm”?

The other thing would be to buy an RV and drive around my huge picturesque state but then I saw a documentary where a German tourist went nuts in Australia and murdered 5 people…..2 in Queensland [father and son] and then moved on to Western Australia where he gunned down, a woman and two male companions in totally isolated camping grounds…moral to that story is, don’t park your RV in isolated camping grounds out in the middle of whoop, whoop.

I’ve got 2 yrs to think about celebrating my life’s achievements and treating myself for all the hard work I did. If I can hang around for that, I should be set.

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