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The PYP matches on FC

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Author Topic: The PYP matches on FC  (Read 1063 times)
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« Reply #30 on: August 23, 2008, 06:02:56 pm »
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I’m leaning towards a draw…I loved the plasticine man story….very funny….[actually, it was phucking brilliant]. It probably caused all the white pages people experience unfortunately and should have been reduced but other than that, thoroughly entertaining.
Since both sides had their leader partially absent during the 5 days, that cancelled each side’s handicap out and in my view, shouldn’t really be a factor…..whether there be 20 football players on one side, and 19 players on another side, ought not to make a difference in professional footy game, for instance; real champions play with what they have, in the conditions they have and not only “thrive,” but more importantly, "WIN."

I loathe everything that idiot rsFear writes and hope God turns him into a pillar of salt. I refuse to make a positive comment on the stupid deadbeat and never will..

I liked BlackMuse first post in the match but the 2nd silly post about ninjas blew it for the first post. I can only assume, that Blackmuse was on some kind of mind altering drug, when he wrote the ninjas rubbish. Posts should improve each time you write not regress. Think about that next time.

Toefactor was good too, and he learned to hijack someone else’s work and improve it or embellish it, which makes a mockery of the previous posters work. That is something I would do. Stealing the idea wasn’t WONG but he failed to make it funnier…He has talent, no one should deny that and if he can cease whining and start dominating….remember you can turn ANY situation to your advantage if you “think” hard enough.

Rap said this, “I'm honestly disappointed in you thus far.  Considering that Bra1n is battling a tropical storm, and I'm doing 6 hours of rehab a day, it's humorous that the best you could come up with is ripping IYE's flame, and passing it off as your own.  You mean with 2 people posting for our team, YOU STILL HAD TO RIP HIS FLAME? Hahahahahaha” and missed a perfect opportunity to write something funny instead, made excuses for the teams lack of attendance. Really Rap…..you should have used this opportunity to exploit this situation and finish off your post with something for people to think about instead of telling them what they already knew.

I think that the match was a draw. I would love to have chosen BraIn’s side with just the posts from IYE alone, but in good conscience, I cannot dismiss the other sides, effort, mainly from Toefactor.

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