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July 01, 2022, 03:05:47 pm
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Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

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Author Topic: Olympic Games Opening Ceremony  (Read 131 times)
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« on: August 27, 2008, 07:49:11 pm »
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I'm slotting this here...

Last time I checked, the US  has won more medals in the history of the Olympics than any other country. And as for American Football, there in no other sport in the world that combines physical attributes with endless choices for strategy and need for quick thinking mental acumen, all rolled into a single sport.

Just one afternoon of trying to master playing a spread offense or Cover 2 defense on Madden 2008 versus say, FIFA World Cup or NHL 2008 where you just move your players around and try to score should underscore that.


This year Oz faired dismally compared to previous efforts.....but are you really that silly?

Your population is 300 million....Australia is 20-22 million......we USUALLY come 4th in the medal tally...USUALLY...behind the big populations....Russia, China, the USA....I think the figures says it all!!! You have a bigger pool to choose from and don't forget your athletes and the others cheat, using drugs....remember dead Flo Jo and that other black male runner? Yeah....phuck off....Aussie are the best and always will be!!!

Only a moron and/or american would ignore population counts and make such a meaningless statement.   Try a bit of objectivity and compare medal wins by population 'Fucksplash'

Gold medal wins by population in 08 put NZ at 4th ahead of Australia at 5th and america at 47th <snigggger>


If you count all 08 Olympic Gold, silver and Bronze medals by population you yank wanks only won 1 medal per 3 million people.   
NZ only has 4 million people.. if we performed as badly as you useless fucks we would have only won a single medal.  I guess that makes Kiwis 9 times better than americans Funny2:)SmileySmiley 


I don't know if I could handle all the rest breaks. :rolleyes: 
For fucks sake!.. you girls only play for a minute before you need a rest from the effort required to carry around all yer padding.  Pathetic bunch of **** pansies.. you embarrass real men all around the world with your girlie sports :goatse:
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