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Title: Is the Word **** Racist to YOU?
Post by: caskurô on April 16, 2009, 02:16:40 pm
**** isn't racist in Australia traditionally but to the yanks its the big deal, [people used to name their black pets, **** or Blackie or Midnight whatever.....our racist words are either "coon" or "boong" for blacks....on investigations, I looked up ****...."Niger" with one g is Latin for black....I would say **** came from that "Niger man" {black man]....**** I always assumed was just a derivative word for Negro....I don't believe words are wrong....maybe the way you say them is wrong....but then again it is wrong to change what others feel...Use the words all the time and they provoke no sting....start jumping up and down on something and its popularity to stir pots, lasts longer...

whaddya say nigga? huh? agree?

Yo nigga!

You're right, it started out as a neutral term and picked up its perjorative connotations at a later stage.  What seems to be happening now is perhaps the word is losing its impact and moving in the mainstream.  Same with '****' and 'ho'.  Similar to the word 'wog'.  Comes down to how you say it and in which context.  Or the word 'bastard' as applied in Australia -
http://everything2.com/title/bastard (http://everything2.com/title/bastard)