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Title: Hands Off The Queen Michelle Obama
Post by: caskur™ on April 02, 2009, 10:58:14 pm
Michelle Obama is a presumptuous touching the Queen.....she would have been told the rules before the meeting....NO TOUCHING THE QUEEN...period. and she did it so as to cause being written about in the papers...

Now back when the rule was introduced, people were dying of the plague or some other such disgusting illness so it makes good sense not to touch strangers...

No one is allowed to touch strangers uninvited. The poms have special rules they give to new immigrants.....don't touch poms...they don't like it...and Aussies don't like it either....if someone holds their hand out for a shake, that is another story and that is the only time you're allowed to touch strangers.

Nope, the Queen is inviting more catastrophe on herself by underplaying this incidence. Sure, she IS being gracious with Michelle BUT this is going to open the floodgates where every tom, dick and Harry will want to grope the Queen.

The Queen handles EVERYTHING very well.
Behind the scenes though, Michelle will be coping it by others and rightfully so.

This was a sensible comment from Stellar too.

... it is a matter of etiquette, courtesy and good manners ... knowing the rules of conduct and propriety.  It is also breaking protocol and definitely a security matter!  Michelle Obama would have been well briefed on how to conduct herself when meeting the Monarch, yet she took it upon herself to flout the rules and become overly familiar with the Queen, who diplomatically rescued the situation in her usual tactful manner.

When you think about it, when meeting someone for the first time ... do you become overly familiar giving them a hug?  No way ... most people do respect another's personal space.  It is only when you know someone well that you greet them in a familiar manner - but doubly so when that person is a head of state and then only in private. 

I think Michelle is a very headstrong woman, someone who will act without thinking.  It does not augur well for her husband if she continues to flout convention and respected codes of behaviour especially when meeting Heads of State.  There are some nationalities that take extreme offence at such impropriety ... and will not manage to be as diplomatic as the Queen!

Title: Re: Hands Off The Queen Michelle Obama
Post by: d on April 03, 2009, 07:24:58 am
Obviosly she's too stupid to follow ettiquete......someone should take her to one side and explain to her what her PLACE is(http://www.smfboards.com/Smileys//smf/crazy2.gif)

Title: Re: Hands Off The Queen Michelle Obama
Post by: caskur™ on April 03, 2009, 08:36:26 am
Everyone is instructed BEFORE they meet the Queen. I know that from interviews with different ones who have met the Queen when asked what happened to them meeting her.

Ares Abani is afronted...LOL. She is the one that posted the topic at Megan's board..

What a silly assed rule!I got no use for mrs obomba but **** fire she certainly did nothing wrong by putting her hand on the queen. those brits are **** strange folks that's fer sure.

The Queen and Mrs. Obama: Did the First Lady Break Protocol?
By HOWARD CHUA-EOAN Howard Chua-eoan – Thu Apr 2, 4:40 am ET
The rules are set in stone, and so the eagerly watching British media sputtered when the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, briefly put her hand on the back of Queen Elizabeth II as the two chatted at a reception. Etiquette is quite stern about this ("Whatever you do, don't touch the Queen!"). In 2007 John Howard, then Prime Minister of Australia, got plenty of criticism for apparently putting his arm around the Queen to direct her through a crowd. He denied actually touching her, but photographs suggest that he came quite close. (Another former Australian Prime Minister did put his hand on the Queen in a similar circumstance and was later branded "the Lizard of Oz.")

Of course, there are corollaries to this. One must certainly touch the Queen if the monarch offers her hand (though you should return this not with a firm handshake but just a touch). On Wednesday, Michelle Obama put her hand on the Queen only after the Queen had placed her own hand on the First Lady's back as part of their conversation. So there is room for theological argument as to whether the American reciprocity of touch was allowable given the social dynamics of the situation. (Less explicable was when President George W. Bush winked at the Queen.) Still, the sight of anyone apparently touching the Queen with anything more than a limp handshake is enough to send the British (or traditionalists in the old Commonwealth) twittering. (See pictures of the Obamas' travels in Europe.)

Another defense for Michelle Obama, of course, is that she is not a subject of the Queen. (Australians, despite referendums attempting to turn themselves into a republic, still recognize the Queen as their head of state.) The First Lady of the United States is not required to curtsey before her or any other crowned head. In any case, the touch lasted just a second or two, and the Queen did not seem particularly perturbed - though she appeared slightly surprised as she drew away. (See how Barack Obama is connected to the Queen via TIME's Person of the Year.)

So where does this rule about not touching the Queen come from? The sovereigns of England and France at some point in their nations' long histories claimed a divine right to rule, a right often amplified by titles bestowed by the Pope in Rome. (The Queen, in fact, still has the title Defender of the Faith, an honor given to Henry VIII before he broke with the Catholic Church and established the Church of England.) That touch of holiness once gave the occupant of the throne the supposed ability to cure certain diseases - most famously, scrofula, a terrible skin ailment that was called "the king's evil." Thus, the miraculous contact had to be conserved. And so, whether a touch or a nod or a gaze, royal favor, like that of God, is not a subject's on demand; it is dispensed by kingly prerogative. (See pictures from the 2006 celebration of the Queen's birthday.)

- With reporting by Simon Robinson / London

Title: Re: Hands Off The Queen Michelle Obama
Post by: bella on April 03, 2009, 08:39:15 am
the queen put her hand on the small of her back first.  i feel it's a natural "friendly/compassionate" reaction to do it back.  imho

Title: Re: Hands Off The Queen Michelle Obama
Post by: caskur™ on April 03, 2009, 08:45:40 am
One of our most stupid and now loathed Prime Minister's [Paul Keating] put his arm around the Queen and kept it there.....of brother, the UK press went nuts over it and rightly so.

I am sure both parties enjoys the press beat up since many people will get an education...."no touching the Queen," from it.

Title: Re: Hands Off The Queen Michelle Obama
Post by: caskur™ on April 03, 2009, 09:08:58 am
Back in 1979, the Press set up Prince Charles when he was taking a dip on one of our most famous Perth beaches, “Cottesloe”….they hired a young Perth model called Jane Priest to run up to the Prince and plant a kiss on him….apparently she found it hard keeping up with him but managed to plant one, the photographers snapped it and that image sailed around the globe…..she became a household name in Perth at least….


Bikinis have an established history of thrusting their shapely wearers into the limelight for their 15 minutes of fame. Perth model Jane Priest was a fine example when images of her sporting a bikini and planting a kiss on Prince Charles in 1979 circulated the globe.

Then recently, Jane Priest appeared on TV…”Where Are they Now?” and told the audience what happened and one of the things she said was, as soon as she kissed him, he told her off for touching him…”You can’t do that. No one is allowed to touch me” he told her….

But a funny thing happened to Jane Priest after it. She decided to travel the world on her notoriety of being “Prince Charles’ Lover”….and when she arrived in Paris, expecting to score plenty of modeling jobs, she met a gorgeous French man who had mentioned he only knew of Australian girl “Jane Priest”….when she said she was indeed the Jane Priest from the newspaper, he didn’t believe her and ran off….LOLOLOL

Why we remember Jane Priest is because she is around about my husband's age and he got the hots for her after it...lol...Cottesloe Beach is very close to us. In fact, we were there today shifting our niece out.

Title: Re: Hands Off The Queen Michelle Obama
Post by: Godfather on April 06, 2009, 06:11:44 am
Its SO simple,
America doesn't **** with UK, and vice verse SO no confrontations and everything is all right and okay if done by US to UK or UK to US.