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Title: My Fish Vase Story
Post by: caskurô on January 10, 2009, 01:23:36 pm
When I was growing up, my grandmother had an ugly fish vase and it was always full of wildflowers. I grew up with this vase, so it was always a part of my life. Before my grandmother died, she passed it onto me. It wasn't perfect it had a tiny chip in the tail but I loved it, as it was passed to me, and was a rememberance of her.
Well it was one of many items that was destroyed in my house fire but after the fire I walked into an antique shop and spotted one. It was $50.00 because it had a chip on one of the fins, but at least I had an ugly fish vase back and always considered it still my grandmothers, even though this one wasn't, technically.
A few months ago when my husband and I were broken up, he had an attack of violence and sent my poor fish vase flying through the house. It was full of flowers and water and ended up breaking in half. He was naturally sick about that and glued it back together but it wasn't the same as I could no longer use it and it reminded me of his violent act on my property.
Well, today, out of the blue, Philip and [ex boyfriend from 25 yrs ago], rings me up and has spotted one at the Flea Markets for $95 in perfect condition...no chips...I said..."buy it" and he did.
It is now sitting where the other one was and the other repaired one has been kept to but obviously won't be used.. I checked the net for the vase and there's a picture in e-Bay so I snagged it to show you all what I am talking about. It is this same vase exactly and it's been sold this week in auction for just under $250.00.

I have two now.....one will take water but the other one is only fit for a dried wildflower arrangement...

it is hard to imagine these are not my original vase...but in my mind, they are.

(http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/8417/fishvaseszg7.jpg) (http://imageshack.us)

(http://img119.imageshack.us/img119/8965/myfishvasesvx5.jpg) (http://imageshack.us)