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Title: Ben Stiller on Denton
Post by: caskurô on December 13, 2008, 08:51:25 pm
Says that Australians are very good looking people per capita than in the USA....hahahaha


Please tell me if overseaspeople can see the video....apparently people in the usa couldn't see our Aussie idol singers.

ANDREW DENTON: And thatís his wife, Mrs Rudd.

BEN STILLER: Very, very good looking Prime minister.

ANDREW DENTON: Yeah. No, they are. Theyíre very handsome. Weíre a very handsome stock here in Australia. If anybody asks you from Australian currency thatís it.

BEN STILLER: Thatís almost as valuable as the dollar isnít it?

ANDREW DENTON: Yeah, thatís right. Well ourís is a punch line all round the world. Howís yourís going?

BEN STILLER: Not too great. But you know actually Australian people are very good looking, Iíve noticed.Applause

BEN STILLER: Iím not making it up. Iím not trying to pander to the audience. I just noticed like per capita you see a lot more good people than America. Itís a nice perk, come visit the country; see pretty people. You look great.  



Title: Re: Ben Stiller on Denton
Post by: Damion Hellstrom on December 24, 2008, 09:49:37 am
Thanks to George W. Bush the US economy is currently in the crapper.  Obama's got a big job cut out for him.