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Title: The el kabong Story - What a Loser
Post by: caskur™ on August 01, 2008, 02:43:10 pm
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 by ~`caskur`~

Once apon a time, there was a poster at TDT called, el kaChicken-****…..he lived in Amerwica, and followed a football team that took 30 yrs to win a grand final…while he waited for that to happen, he posted at flame forums where he continually made an ass of himself spamming up the TDT group and PM’ing hapless posters, threatening e-mails.

He lived in the suburbs and shovelled snow out of his drive-way through long cold bleak winters. He had a widdle yappy dog “Pooky” who needed worming and used to scrape her sorry sore and red bottom on the brick paving under the patio and near the Webber BBQ…..the Webber BBQ was his pride and joy. He did all his weekend entertaining there and spent many a blood shot eye, sprawled out on his bent back laying next to his Webber BBQ along with Pooky who got all the fat scrapes and cooked bones and licked the spirits out of the half empty glasses while no one noticed.

Well, one day while el kaChicken-**** was all alone at home while his g/f slaved away at a local diner, [the diner didn’t get many clients or tips due to their reputation of breeding cockroaches out in the kitchen but most of the drunks that went there, were too blurred visioned to notice], el kaChicken-**** got **** and went online hoping to find someone similarly situated.

He met up with a spunky lady who aroused his lewd interest so he sent her pictures of his manhood and told her he would be prepared to go down on her because he liked the taste of his own man-goo. Unbeknown to el kaChicken-****, he sent his pictures to a MAN, called Grizz.

Grizz was a former US Marine and Green Beret commando who avoided being killed in Nam but who came home shell shocked and addicted to marijuana and talking sex with men online too, posed as a woman and fooled el kaChicken-**** who vowed to get his revenge.

After sending the pictures of his lifeless and lacklustre manhood and getting no satisfaction at all, he then set his bleary, leering eyes on Pooky’s, butt. Pooky liked to lick his tool and family jewels in the absence of his g/f but that was a hidden secret who he revealed to caskur only,  in one of his insidious PM’s, at TDT.

But then, Grizz, decides to pay el kaChicken-**** a visit to his suburban house, so dressed as a clown and in the manor of  John BILLSUCKS Gacy Jr he surprises el kaChicken-**** with an unwelcome visit.

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(http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/1885/bbtwooe5.jpg) (http://imageshack.us)

Grizz arrives shortly, smashes down the back door, sees what is about to happen to the widdle yappy Pooky and thunder’s, “I’m gonna kill you, you bastard, you sick ****.”

el kachicken-****, alarmed, shits on the floor  :o….."Yes, yes, I confess, I am a sick ****, please don't kill me, I beg you?? I will become your wimpering **** boi."

Pooky jumps up at the intrusion….when all of a sudden…..

it was too late, Grizz was outraged over el kaChicken-****'s closeted bestiality fetish and enraged, he grabbed AW’s stainless steel carving knife and as quick a flash, did a Lorena Bobbit and cut el kaChicken-****’s manhood clean off with one foul swoop.

“Now you sick ****, no longer will you send your sorry looking limp prick to posters behind your g/f’s back….no longer will you be able to drink your own man-goo……from now on, you’ll lust after your mongrel mutt dog and develop lover’s balls.”

Currently el kaChicken **** sits at his computer in the Amerwican burbs in the early hours of the morning over at TDT wondering what he could have done to prevent TDT becoming the new Dead Zone of flame forums and wondering if he has to wait another 30 yrs for his football team to win another grand final and last but not least, his Webber BBQ still fires up.

Pooky has been taken into custody by the animal welfare shelter and has a dog psychiatrist call once a week to help her recover from her sexual abuse…she isn’t doing very well and has lost 5 doggy pounds, fretting.

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Title: Re: The el kabong Story - What a Loser
Post by: caskur™ on August 01, 2008, 02:47:30 pm
El ka Chicken-**** has been seen trying out for a part as a poster at TDT. So far he has managed to almost single-handedly ruin a good site he doesn’t pay for….can’t flame, can’t keep his lies straight, spams **** at msn boards and manages to fail at that job too,…. and doesn’t show up for call-outs.

The funniest part was him thinking Zaza was David Morgan….that was the best part…..now he is just another Dickless Tracy.