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Title: Australia
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Is a movie that is likely to cause lots of Australians angst, especially the myth that perpetuates about aborigines.....one of my former real life friend saw it and wrote about it at another site.....here are his rants about aborigines which I actually happen to know are true....The poster he is posting to is Jodes and Jodes just doesn't believe him at all.

So everyone...in conclusion if there were no aborigines in this movie Buzz would have liked it. His hatred for the movie is fueled by the fact he is a racist!
Inspirational is only one description I have heard about it in the last week....others were fantastic, really good, go see it, you'll love it, I'm going to see it again, you wanna come with me, Jody.
While I may not get to see it at the cinema, I certainly will see the dvd.


racist? moi?

I was in the NT and worked at the Alice Springs hospital and worked with abos - cleaning up their blood - puke - **** - **** - slag and vomit

I drove them in ambulances after they had been in knife fights  (Alice Springs is the stabbing capital of the world)

I have had to endure their stink while up to my armpits in their bodily fluids

I didnt see you there? What have you ever done?

Do you like the idea of 9 year old girls and 11 year old boys being gang raped by greasy old abos just cause its called their "initiation"?

You know **** all about abos - so shut the **** up

Abos are the most useless bastards on earth - they do not stop stampeding cattle with an abo song

ahhh Buzz...the same things happen in hospitals all over the world. I have seen white people doing the same kind of ****.
You really are a deluded, racist, dreadful man.

nope - wrong by a long shot

Alice Springs is the stabbing capital of the world - and I am willing to bet you have never had anything to do with abos

what did you ever do to help them?

by the sounds of it, far more than you.

ever been to the territory?

ever been to abo camps and picked up victims of knife fights?

ever been in casualty and seen women come in with broken arms and lips kicked in half from their men?

ever seen ute loads of dead children being brought into the morgue from the settlements?

ever seen abo kids starved to death?

ever seen abo kids AFTER 3 months of "Law Time" initiation?

Ever seen abos being brought in to the morgue on a sheet of corrugated iron wriggling with maggots after being murdered?

Ever driven an ambulance to an abo settlement to pick up someone bashed to death?

Ever even seen or smelled an abo?

I dont think so

Mate your tall stories reach higher than everest.

I went to Alice Springs at age 17. I left at age 22 hoping to NEVER see another Abo as long as I live.

I worked with them and know them.

Everything I said is the truth. The NT is like a war zone and I worked in the hospital - and it was dreadful.

If you dont believe me it is because you are a fool who does not know the truth when you see it.

Alice Springs 'world stabbing capital'
March 25, 2008

STABBINGS in Central Australia's tourist capital have reached epidemic proportions, and traditional Aboriginal thigh spearing is being blamed.
Surgeons at Alice Springs Hospital say the town is in crisis, with the number of stab injuries, blunt force injuries, bone breaks and burns admissions rising.

The town now reports the highest rate of stabbings in the world, with 390 incidents for every 100,000 people.

Most concerning, say the medics, is that almost 40 per cent of the stabbings were thigh injuries most likely meted out by Aboriginal elders as traditional punishment.

The practice, designed to settle grievances, is performed by elders who "have a deep knowledge of human anatomy and are skilled at spearing the femoral artery with deft accuracy," Dr Abraham Jacob wrote in a report published in the latest ANZ Journal of Surgery.

The study shows 16 of the 605 Aborigines admitted with thigh stab wounds between 1998 and 2005 were dead on arrival.

"We found a significant and particular pattern of traditional stab injuries," Dr Jacob said.

"Medial thigh injury to kill, posterior thigh to permanently disable and lateral thigh to punish."

Contrary to anecdotal reports, women were just as likely to be subjected to the practice as men, and the location was town camps and homes, not streets or pubs as previously thought.

Alcohol played a role in 30 per cent of stabbing admissions.

About 20 per cent of the victims were admitted with stab wounds more than once, and in the same number of cases the victim absconded before they had completed treatment.

Dr Jacob and his colleagues said the study was the first to reveal the extent of injury and death due to traditional spearing, saying it adds to the town's growing poor statistics.

"Alice Springs has been given the title of the crime capital of Australia, and its town camps have been described as a 'sea of despair' with conditions similar to South African ghetto townships," Dr Jacob said.

The camps' population was expected to double in the next five years, speeding up already increasing rates of injury and death.

"Central Australia's tourist capital is in crisis," he said.

"A multi-pronged approach is needed, engaging Aboriginal leaders, social uplifting and economical support and education of the entire community."


You just try to hard to be believable Buzz.