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Title: Australian Abos....I better snag this
Post by: caskurô on November 16, 2008, 10:50:57 am
Braveheart wrote this on newstalback....I'm snagging it so when msn down I'll still have a copy.

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From: Brave_Heart___  (Original Message) Sent: 11/16/2008 6:07 PM
This notoriou , filthy area was once not all that long ago, totally cleaned up ,refurbished, painted , had curtains put in. Flower boxes were placed under windows that had been reglazed. new front doors were installed. Front  gardens were cleaned up and new shrubs and flowers planted. Lavish coats of paint were used and entire new roofs put on . Paling fences were replaced between adjoining bqack ytaeds , back yards were refurbished and lawns planted, and shrubs. THEN WE GAVE THE ENTIRE LOT TO THE ABO'S.
  A couple of years ago, an original photogragh that was published at the time, was published a new photo, taken from exactly the same spot. Placed side by side in a news paper, you could be excused if you thought were looking at a before and after shot of bombed out Beirut.
  You would think that filthy coal burning steam trains still ploughed through there.; The decadence and filth are every where. Household garbage litters the area and the cute letterboxes have long gone, along with the front doors. Weeds grow up to your arse in the front yards and probably the back yards as well. All of this and still the ABO'S are grabbing whatever taxpayers money they can get., All the time screaming, more, more,more !!!
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