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Title: Feral PI
Post by: caskurô on November 26, 2014, 03:02:56 am


Do abo's look like large Marge?  :confused:


Bra1n if you're reading this...the above poster has just posted a pic of my sister, and my daughter on the right, I'm pretty sure that constitutes as PI, considering I've never posted that pic before.

I edited it. Decided if the poster was coward enough to hide behind a sock then they didn't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks Cookie.

I understand and appreciate what you're saying.

That pic was never posted by me originally any where. That pic was stalked and located on a family members FB profile. I don't have a personal FB account, it was never a risk I was willing to take considering I post on flame/troll boards and knowing the very real possibility of muppets hacking it and getting PI.

Just a suggestion: One way to control things like this happening, would be to not allow any pics posted whatsoever of board members family or friends, or even the insinuation being that posted pics are of members family or friends.

If a board member posts a pic of themselves in an ava and that's used over and over again,as fodder, then so be it.

If a nic registers and posts recognisable pics in their ava of a board members family then that nic gets instantly banned. It would obviously be up to the board member to recognise that ava and then inform staff that a nic is using a pic of their family member in an ava.

Any pics reposted of board members family, the poster gets a temp ban or a permanent one, depending upon the discretion of the Admin.

It can be controlled, and it would also clear up any confusion regarding pic's being PI or not.