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Title: Australian Birds
Post by: caskur™ on August 24, 2013, 06:18:28 pm
Yesterday was very cool day. An amazing 26 C for a winter day. By the time I actually went out to visit my mother, it was the middle of the afternoon. It couldn’t have been a less hectic day.  The only thing half way exciting was a pair of Pink and Grey Galahs nesting in a tree stump in mum’s front yard.  This a very good reason NOT to remove dead trees out of gardens. Over the last few years, these birds have managed to really hollow out this one to make a permanent nest to raise newer generations of wild life.   

Immigrants see trees as nuisance and remove them. Farmers are equally culpable clearing too much land for failed crops. Out wildlife suffers as a consequence. Birds are what Australia is about. But not for long. Australia is one continent  completely devastated by human occupation. Antarctica is the other to go.

The first image is a picture of the gum tree stump with the Pink and Grey Galahs kissing on top. The next images are up close and personal. They’re used to people staring at them…