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Title: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on March 17, 2011, 03:07:51 pm
(02:41:22) caskur: So it was you that deleted my posts from my thread B, gotchya

(02:41:39) Vixen: and so what if he did?

(02:41:52) Johnny_Storm: if you want to see mother nature's wildlife, you'd look at your hair snatch

(02:42:31) Johnny_Storm: just for the record....i like vix unshaven

(02:42:35) THE_BRA1N: It wasnt me but if you want to desparately believe that to make me a villain in your mind, go right ahead

(02:42:59) THE_BRA1N: happy st patty day, vix

(02:43:13) Vixen: thanks

(02:43:37) Johnny_Storm: b, a villian? must be the pencil mustache

(02:44:09) THE_BRA1N: thats pickles, not me

(02:45:25) THE_BRA1N: I dont have a problem with caskur posting bee pics. Those who have no interest dont have to click her thread

(02:45:52) Vixen: lol at how that sounds.. 'posting bee pics'

(02:46:09) THE_BRA1N: as long as she keeps it confined to her garden thread

(02:47:07) caskur: have a look at the latest shots... not just bees...

(02:47:23) Vixen: gotta be living one hell of a mesirable existance when snapping shots of bees (non monetary gain) occupies your time

(02:47:38) THE_BRA1N: if you want to caputure fine detail, you need lighting

(02:48:10) THE_BRA1N: lol.. beats posting to alpo all day

(02:48:32) caskur: actually, I am trying to learn the camera if you'd been following the story... I think I have mastered the macro..

(02:48:50) Vixen: good for u

(02:48:57) Vixen: I dont care tho

(02:49:27) THE_BRA1N: whats to learn? macro is just a setting which alllows you to focus in close pics

(02:49:48) Vixen: and a steady hand

(02:49:50) caskur: I have captured fine detail B... obviously you didn't keep up etiher

(02:51:04) THE_BRA1N: you need to look at other bee pics on sites like flickr and webshots and compare them with yours to see the detail your arent capturing

(02:51:51) THE_BRA1N: your spider pics were better i think

(02:52:38) Johnny_Storm: maybe you can send cookie some tiny **** pics....he'​d love that

(02:53:02) THE_BRA1N: dont get started with cookie

(02:53:13) Johnny_Storm: ...just sayin'

(02:53:38) THE_BRA1N: thats gets more out of control than the japan nuclear plant

(02:53:39) Vixen: you just want to suck his **** JS

(02:54:40) Johnny_Storm: vix, you nasty heifer

(02:56:12) THE_BRA1N: vix and i are going to celebrate st patty with some vodka

(02:56:41) Vixen: it's 'paddy' if you want to shorten it, loser

(02:56:46) Johnny_Storm: she does great things with a bottle

(02:58:04) caskur: I did look at flickr and I do have better macros shots than they do

(02:58:19) caskur: you have a PM B.... you better take a look

(02:58:31) Vixen: more nagging

(02:58:41) Vixen: what a loser

(02:59:25) Vixen: ive adopted an absolute zero tolerance for useless people, I tell ya

(02:59:26) THE_BRA1N: haha

(02:59:48) THE_BRA1N: WAR VIXEN

(03:02:02) Vixen: your PM box must be filled to the brim with **** Bra1n

(03:08:20) Vixen: I might be forced to acknowledge St Paddys tonight

(03:10:50) THE_BRA1N: oh brother, now shes asking me to "unjoin" her from this site

(03:11:28) THE_BRA1N: Its called LOGOUT and not logging back in, BoBo

(03:13:57) Vixen: sounds like shes giving up all hope, now that I her last remaining ally on the board can see how pointless she is

(03:15:04) THE_BRA1N: I dont know if she will ever come to that realization

(03:16:03) Vixen: she better

(03:17:01) Vixen: she has single handedly ''dumbed'' down this board for lack of a better word

(03:17:33) THE_BRA1N: I hope she does because i dont have anything against her but she is too much of a heavy load for people to bear

(03:20:09) Vixen: she sitting comfortably at the fringes of insanity and knows no better

(03:20:35) THE_BRA1N: heh

(03:22:10) Vixen: she's not smart, not eloquent and not particularl​y good looking and yet has the audacity to try to measure up to people who sit at the very top of the food chain

(03:23:04) Vixen: get the **** out of here

(03:23:24) THE_BRA1N: that sums it up.... she cannot see that EVERYONE views her with contempt EVERYWHERE she goes. It is impossible for anyone to have a civil discussion with her without it breaking down into something useless

(03:27:22) Vixen: I gave her the benefit of the doubt and still, she tried that superiority bullshit with me. She needed promptly putting in place

(03:27:30) Vixen: the fat ****

(03:28:49) THE_BRA1N: WAR VIXEN!

(03:34:32) Vixen: why you feed that fat leech with the sweat of your attention, i'll never fathom.

(03:38:07) Vixen: sympathy?

(03:38:33) Johnny_Storm: **** VIXEN!

(03:38:52) Johnny_Storm: uh, i mean WAR VIXEN!

(03:56:46) Johnny_Storm: http://img.​chan4chan.co​m/img/2010-0​8-13/n_a.jpg

(03:56:51) Johnny_Storm: cardy?

(03:58:16) Johnny_Storm: http://img.​chan4chan.co​m/img/2010-0​6-26/1277525​152732.jpg

(04:01:20) THE_BRA1N: What a drama queen! THERE IS NO "UNJOIN" from here, there is a delete account which I am not going to do. If you've had it with this place then to borrow a quote from another member - **** OFF

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on March 17, 2011, 07:58:11 pm
(04:27:54) Cookie_Monster: load of people with mental health problems i mean.

(04:28:03) Vixen: you need to reign that fat **** in Bra1n.. it's getting out of hand

(04:28:39) Cookie_Monster: shut your gob bra1nmong. Post rationing?

(04:28:47) THE_BRA1N: As if i have any control over her... i dont

(04:29:30) Johnny_Storm: happy st. faggots' day!!!

(04:29:41) THE_BRA1N: She wont leave her no matter how many times she says she is

(04:29:43) Johnny_Storm: u know who u r

(04:29:46) THE_BRA1N: here

(04:29:52) Vixen: shut up Johnny

(04:29:59) Cookie_Monster: niggot wanna nother owning?

(04:30:09) Vixen: u too Mong

(04:30:25) THE_BRA1N: dont start **** here or you will be temp banned

(04:30:38) Vixen: you don't have ccontrol over her, but u have full control of ur board

(04:30:47) Vixen: loser

(04:31:08) Cookie_Monster:

(04:31:09) THE_BRA1N: what are you saying i should do?

(04:31:21) Johnny_Storm: wearing green panties today?

(04:31:37) Cookie_Monster: post ration and **** can her bug thread

(04:31:50) THE_BRA1N: lol

(04:31:57) Vixen: confine her to the pig pen. out of sight, out of mind

(04:32:19) Johnny_Storm: sucking on a couple of blarney stones?

(04:32:24) Vixen: she can start her bee threads in there

(04:32:37) Vixen: yes Caskur, iam a ****

(04:32:53) Vixen: next time, you'll watch ur **** mouth

(04:33:15) Cookie_Monster:

(04:33:20) THE_BRA1N: well many of her posts ARE in her bug thread already

(04:33:47) Cookie_Monster: Pig pen it

(04:35:24) THE_BRA1N: done

(04:35:34) Cookie_Monster:

(04:36:19) Vixen: well done

(04:36:35) THE_BRA1N: 73/101 posts in that thread are from her

(04:36:43) Vixen: now restrict cookie to the pig pen too

(04:36:52) Vixen:

(04:36:57) Johnny_Storm: fag pen

(04:37:12) Vixen: kiss me johnny

(04:37:24) Johnny_Storm: tiny **** suckers' pen

(04:37:53) Johnny_Storm: kiss? i want sex

(04:38:07) THE_BRA1N: johnny is about to get a 24hr ban

(04:38:33) Vixen: oh

(04:38:41) Johnny_Storm: and don't pull out no **** like someone here's date
(04:39:00) Johnny_Storm: not naming names, and all

(04:45:55) Vixen: to the pig pen you go .. *waves at Caskur* God knows i **** tried

(04:47:42) Cookie_Monster: yOU CANT TRAIN NIGGOT, hes a field ****

(04:59:39) THE_BRA1N: How can you not root for a school called Morehead?

(05:00:23) Johnny_Storm: some brit here roots for Gonfaga

(05:01:29) Cookie_Monster:

(05:01:47) Johnny_Storm: speak of the devil

(05:01:54) Cookie_Monster: Some coon needs the big whip

(05:02:43) Cookie_Monster: Your one public lavotary experiance away from being catapulted out the closet niggot.

(05:03:21) Johnny_Storm: so how did you return date go, cry monster?

(05:03:56) Johnny_Storm: get a high colonic?

(05:22:54) Cookie_Monster: I have a GF, thats all you need to know niggot

(05:23:13) Johnny_Storm: "GF"

(05:23:13) Cookie_Monster:

(05:23:28) Cookie_Monster: Girlfriend dork

(05:23:29) Johnny_Storm: gay friend

(05:23:49) Cookie_Monster: You have a gay friend? BF?

(05:24:07) Cookie_Monster: Do you bite pillows?

(05:24:39) Vixen: she's your girlfriend? send her my condolences

(05:33:45) Johnny_Storm: straight guys don't ask other guys "do they bite pillows"...​.pwned

(07:22:12) Persephone: Damn, I miss everthang.

(07:45:59) Johnny_Storm: even the toilet

(07:57:18) Persephone: You're thinking of your **** buddy.

(08:12:25) THE_BRA1N: So much for Bucknell

(08:14:16) THE_BRA1N: At least the Gators lead by the spirit of Tim Tebow are dominating

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on March 19, 2011, 03:33:57 am
(15:38:52) Johnny_Storm: uh, i mean WAR VIXEN!

(16:01:20) THE_BRA1N: What a drama queen! THERE IS NO "UNJOIN" from here, there is a delete account which I am not going to do. If you've had it with this place then to borrow a quote from another member - **** OFF

(16:04:57) Vixen: might aswel delete it

(16:05:12) Vixen: she cant leave because she's a sick addict

(16:07:14) Vixen: with sick 'needs' that need constant stroking

(16:09:14) THE_BRA1N: its not a problem when someone has 20 posts but when they have over 1000 it fucks up threads and searching which im not going to do. it's so stupid for her to keep requesting to be "unjoined" when all she needs to do is gtfo but she wants the attention

(16:09:55) THE_BRA1N: its like a drunkard at a bar begging to bartender to throw them out

(16:10:20) Vixen: she won't be missed in anycase.

(16:11:56) THE_BRA1N: having you turn on her was probably more than she could take

(16:12:12) Vixen: it's like back at FC, when it was hanging on its last thread, and those worth mentioning had deserted the place, she was still posting on her lonesome like some deranged ****

(16:16:47) Vixen: she's prob busy chronicling her copy and pastes, including this one, for publishing

(16:18:36) THE_BRA1N: keep in mind thats its 4am in Perth shes up "asking me politely" to unjoin her from here.. over and over and over

(16:18:46) Cookie_Monster: cacker flounced? good:snick

(16:19:35) Cookie_Monster: :snack

(16:21:11) Vixen: 4am when she could be in bed comforting her otherwise useless husband she'd rather be here entertaining those who wish for her demise.. what a **** IDIOT

(16:21:46) THE_BRA1N: That's what Ive been saying to her for years

(16:22:09) THE_BRA1N: two words - mental illness

(16:23:02) Vixen: that and the trauma of having lost her son, which I suspect has greatly contributed to much of this mental illness

(16:23:11) Vixen: You need professional help

(16:23:43) THE_BRA1N: Im sure that has something to do with it too

(16:24:21) Vixen: in anycase, you won't be getting any sympathy from me. You arent the first to experience bereavement and u wont be the **** last.

(16:24:44) THE_BRA1N: Shes been through a lot of ****. I do have a bit of sympathy for her.

(16:25:57) Vixen: no sympathy from me, not when it is used to excuse yourself from creating problems

(16:26:28) THE_BRA1N: good point

(16:27:30) Cookie_Monster: pEOPLE i know use BDSM to deal with issues, load of nutters, she just uses others

(16:27:54) Cookie_Monster: load of people with mental health problems i mean.

(16:28:03) Vixen: you need to reign that fat **** in Bra1n.. it's getting out of hand

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: d on March 22, 2011, 05:26:12 pm
You've feel out with Vixen then   ???

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on March 22, 2011, 09:31:52 pm
You've feel out with Vixen then   ???

She turned feral and I have no idea why, nor do I care now....
she has no friends left.... except Bra1n perhaps.


Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on April 12, 2011, 07:27:04 pm
(12:14:15) caskur: okey dokey

(13:37:07) Vixen: useless ditchpig.. a day spent doing preceisly **** all but play with youtubes.

(13:46:05) caskur: shuddup Omnia

(03:15:04) THE_BRA1N: oh god, i listened to them all and it is all so pathetic that i dont know where to start. it reminds me battered women who bring me tapes of their abusive husbands for court... and THAT was the guy who swept you off your feet and you were going to live with?

(03:17:48) THE_BRA1N: ... some David Koresh figure after whatever money he thinks you have who sounds like he's on the verge of an infarction if he doesnt beat the **** out of you? :snack

(03:18:29) THE_BRA1N: very sad. why do you even post that or bring it to my attention?

(03:19:55) The_Scoundrel: Bra1n. Remember who we're talking about here

(03:23:29) THE_BRA1N: I know but even considering that, this was still... striking to hear. Pathetic that anyone would voluntarily put themselves in such a position and volunataril​y subject themselves to that type of abuse but I see it quite often.

(04:19:56) The_Scoundrel: Victim mentality mate. It's a woldwide phenomena obviously

(04:37:29) caskur: I set him up silly... why are you so dumb? So you believe for one minute I am stupid enough to put up with that? I am no victim.... Bra1n has a twisted version of it on what HIS life experience is When Dean started to "show" me his darker side, I dumped him.... there reason its resurfaced and will continue to resurface on sites is because of flea dumping a post by him and that needs to be counteracte​d once and for all.

(04:37:52) caskur: Dean was a good person but his darker side, his addiction side scared, me off.... I could live with his good side but never live with bad and I don't like your American laws, they're virtually archaic

(04:38:09) caskur: There are several women fleeced of their money in USA because of dean,... one bashed up woman approached me asking for the tapes two months ago And if you feel like that about your female citizens in the USA Bra1n then you should change your profession very quickly.

(04:43:36) caskur: When Dean's third wife first approached me (the one pressing for bigamy) I said NO... I hardly even remember him,... I had closure over all that. What gets me the most is, I tried and tried to get the women at the time to listen and they wouldn't listen... 

(05:16:47) THE_BRA1N: So you were "setting him up" then in the next shout talking about what a good person he was and how you can live with his "good side"? Riiiiiight.​......

(05:19:47) THE_BRA1N: This guy comes across as a complete degenerate devoid of redeeming qualities who is after one thing only - to dominate and fleece you and you are right, perhaps I am judging him by my own life experiences but I have seen this movie enough times to know the ending

(05:21:50) THE_BRA1N: Put it this way, I DEVOUR and **** out chumps like that on regular occassions in a real world setting

(05:23:47) caskur: Dean had started to threatening serious injury to me..... no one on the net believed it. I had to tape him and get him talking and the more he talked, the more he sunk himself... it wasn't my life I was worried about, it was Brent in Alabama'lif​e I was worried about 

(05:25:08) THE_BRA1N: You are a fool to devote a minute of your time to him, let alone your life but that seems to be a recurring pattern with you considering how you also devote so much of your time to the likes of Alpo, flea, etc.

(05:25:32) THE_BRA1N: You love misery and misery loves you back.

(05:28:55) caskur: Dean said to me over the phone, He was going to kill kurt, and my mother (who he had actually rang) and then cut my face so I would never be attractive to other men, cut off my fingers so I could never make art again and **** me unnaturally​…. Amongst other things,, All the netizens ever saw was his endless love poetry to me… when I dumped him, he rampaged over the net denigrating me and my son. I needed HARD evidence he was a whacko and I got it.

(05:30:17) caskur: the women would not believe that someone who had done so much for me, who had written and slaughtered everyone in path would actually say those things to me

(05:33:17) THE_BRA1N: Which women, your MSN rocket scientist friends you hang around with like "aerte"? It must suck going through life being stupid, miserable and attracted to other miserable people.

(05:33:56) caskur: One time he insisted he send me ALL the money he earned for 1 month and I could NOT talk him out of it so I rang his father and told his father he had no money and was eating on the floor so his mother and father drove 2 hours to give him $200 and buy him breakfast and then return home again….. They rang me back and told me what they did…. Then I got on the net and saw him dissing his parents badly and lying about them and that is when I knew something was wrong with him…. I found his ungrateful attitude to his parents WRONG….

(05:34:21) caskur: That was the start of me pulling out and Dean kept hanging on trying to convince me leaving my safe world to go live in a RSV with demented him was a better option…. And I know with my IQ being 15 and all (snicker) that wasn’t going to work… I was FORCED TO live for 2 weeks in a mobile home when the house burned down on my property and that was enough to cure me of any romantic notions dog boxes were a better alternative to a nice comfortable functioning home.

(05:35:28) caskur: Women were, RavenWynter​, Sharyn, Flea, and all fleas friends.... not Arete... she ran with a different crowd

(05:36:21) caskur: he imposed himself on sharyn (20 yrs older than him) and Ravenwynter​, and Melody

(05:36:52) caskur: there is far too much to go over it all.... you've heard enough info 

(05:38:02) caskur: I want revenge on flea and I got it... I don't want anything else

(05:38:36) caskur: dean did write the post but it was flea that took the post with my real name in it all over flame town

(05:39:02) caskur: and I am the ONLY person on the planet with my name so its NOT a generic name

(05:41:43) THE_BRA1N: I dont think you still get it .. that guy is and likely has always been a psychopath on the prowl, not for romance but for victims... and irrespectiv​e of your last minute maneuvers to let the world know about him, you unwittingly availed yourself to him as a potential partner in life. 6 billion people on Earth and you pick that psychopath. TFF

(05:42:39) caskur: um,.... I got it fairly early in the picture... I know he is a psycopath and a convincing one

(05:42:52) caskur: Alpo is another psychopath

(05:43:34) caskur: I do "get it" Bra1n....

(05:43:51) THE_BRA1N: Two psychopaths whom you devote much of your life too. WHat does that say about you?

(05:44:27) caskur: dean was married to Sheri when we met on the net.... we spoke as "friends only" for 2 months

(05:44:45) caskur: dean ran up a 5000 dollar phone bill

(05:45:44) caskur: it just all happened B.... don't even bother judging me... I had had enough of Kurt and the hangers on in my rl

(05:46:53) caskur: your fellow countrymen and women can''t talk,... most of them are married for 5 minutes and cheating when they stay together

(05:47:21) THE_BRA1N: You supposedly realize that they are psychopaths but you STILL associate with them on a daily basis and get caught up in these tangled web of online histrionics​. You really need professiona​l help and if you dont want me to judge then you should be sending this **** to me PM box and asking what I think.

(05:48:11) caskur: dean left sheri and sheri NEVER divorced him and dean has married (illegally) and bashed up half a dozen women since then

(05:48:41) caskur: keep your friend close and your enemies closer....

(05:49:51) caskur: I didn't askl what you think... I thought you'd find some of it funny, not start this heart to heart crappola...​.

(05:50:18) THE_BRA1N: That phrase implies to keep your enemies close as though they were your friends, NOT AS ENEMIES. Dolt.

(05:51:26) caskur: but i do not have enemies anymore... alpo is a problem for poor old Unemployedk​ernal, not me

(05:53:01) caskur: enemies spread slander and libel.... which is actually now renamed "defamation" and that can seriously effect my real life

(05:53:05) THE_BRA1N: Funny? What the hell can possibly be funny about that? I find it pathetic and as a microcosm of your online existence - devoting much of your day to losers who despise you

(05:54:04) caskur: he kept hanging up so he could report me to the police.... they did come around 2 MONTHS later and when they heard the tapes, they laughed their arses off

(05:54:46) caskur: do YOU depise me?

(05:54:51) THE_BRA1N: You will never learn or better yourself. In 20 years, you will be going through the same things with pretty much the same type of life as now.

(05:56:05) caskur: better myself? I am already at the top of the **** food chain, ya dipstick

(05:56:07) THE_BRA1N: No, I dont. If i did you likely wouldnt be allowed to post here nor would I spend any considerabl​e time engaging you

(05:57:16) THE_BRA1N: LOL, yeah whatever.. enjoy the view from the top of a mound of horse ****

(05:57:20) caskur: then shut it with the "depise you" schtick... the only ones that depise me at the jealous flea-lite types

(05:57:31) caskur: cuz I pinch all their men off them

(05:57:50) caskur: :P

(06:03:01) caskur: this is what JOO just wrote at CO - Yo... Caskur has a way of sending fuckers over the edge. I **** love it

(06:08:02) Angelica: Holy crap, this is a shoutbox, not a psychiatris​t's office. Knock it off!

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: zerotolerance on April 13, 2011, 07:09:05 am
Caskur: I read over this last shoutbox and I have to say that I am grateful caskur decided to put up those recordings.  The man uses a script I swear!   I heard much of the same words, and word for word!

I too talked to his parents, over a period of many months.  They pray for me and all of their son's victims every day.  I have been in communication with his first wife, who he was arrested for strangling over 20 years ago!   I know his natural son and have talked with both his adopted sons.   He hurts children, not just women.  I am sure caskur heard his baloney about his sons.  Reality is that they lived with a cruel monster and last I knew, if they saw him they would inflict physical harm on him.  The poor younger one!   The older one told me Kathy, that Dean didn't even care about them enough to keep his courtship of you secret.  He romanced you within earshot of his wife and kids!   The older adopted son came back from Iraq and booted him out. 

The Brain: Caskur is not alone in being duped by him or sucked up into his web.  I tried to stop the last known victim from being duped and so did the woman she lived with.  In two weeks he talked her into giving up her 25 dollar an hour job and moving to Illinois.  She fled him early on after he hurt and threatened her.  Then returned, telling her friends she knew it was bad for her.  Later he was charged with hurting her and she reconciled with him again!   I have a federal lawsuit pending against him and have filed for invalidity of marriage.   I have found there is much support out there online for people who have been victimized like caskur and all his victims.  So, even though I feel stupid sometimes and have taken a really good look at how I became and remained involved with him, I take comfort in the fact that I am not alone, and that he has been able to fool a number of women.   A woman who knew him in Alaska, prior to Sherry, found me through my blog and has contacted the FBI to tell them that he used to plot about exploiting women, while sitting on her couch!  She doesn't even understand why she entertained him as a friend at this point.  The fight isn't over for me.  Many women who go through this type of thing aren't helped by law enforcement.  And what I have found is that the primary reason is budgets.  Law enforcement in America blows off many a crime victim.  So, as a citizen and a human, it won't be over for me until I can do something with what I have learned, to affect real changes in the system.   I have been sending out FOIA (freedom of information act) requests to gather evidence in the form of police reports and court documents to show a pattern of behavior and what caskur has done is going to help tremendously!   

Caskur:  Was there a police report or incident report written up after the police heard the tapes?   
I ask because I actually have him on tape playing the hang up game, more than once and on one of the rounds, he actually says "My name is Dean West and I am violating a restraining order!"  He did play the hang up game to set us up. That sort of thing also goes along with the restraining orders he has filed and attempted to file against his victims, which are documented in court records. 

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on April 13, 2011, 12:33:02 pm
Yeah he called the police in my country and told them I was harrassing him...

they actually showed up 2 MONTHS LATER .,...lol, that is how much they thought of his complaint but I was armed with the tapes and they LAUGHED their arses off.

He harrassed my Step-father as well.

I know he said to you things he said to me... I recognized it on your phone call tapes...

Dean and I spoke over the phone for 10 hours a day, for 4 months... yes really that much.

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: zerotolerance on April 13, 2011, 08:57:38 pm
Yeah he called the police in my country and told them I was harrassing him...

they actually showed up 2 MONTHS LATER .,...lol, that is how much they thought of his complaint but I was armed with the tapes and they LAUGHED their arses off.

He harrassed my Step-father as well.

I know he said to you things he said to me... I recognized it on your phone call tapes...

Dean and I spoke over the phone for 10 hours a day, for 4 months... yes really that much.

Yep, that is how he pursued me, for hours a day on the phone.  He had a cell phone in his adopted son's name at some point back then.  Sharyn said the one he had when he was with her was in the kid's name.  He forced Kathy, the one he met in Springfield, who paid cash for the foundation house he lives in today, to allow him to take over her AT&T account, and he sent me a cell phone on that account.  Then he began calling me all through the day.  I was in college then and he wanted me to talk in between classes.  He tried to take up all the time I was supposed to be taking care of my granddaughter.  He was mad when I had to work on assignments.  That is what he did with this last one too, whose name is Kate.  My friend, whom she lived with in Florida, said Dean monopolized her time every minute she was not at work and it only took him two weeks to woo her.   Poor Sherry and those boys.  They suffered torture.  There is no other word for it but torture.  Meanwhile he was romancing you while he was abusing them.  And after you, he was blogging against abuse on Lachaim while abusing her and the boys.  He is a true sociopath.   

Again, kudos to you for coming forth with those tapes.  I have thought of putting up more of what I have online.  I know I filed the CD with the federal court.  You can view the case here: http://www.ilcd.uscourts.gov/epa.htm  but you have to register.  I am registered to view it.  The wheels of justice turn slowly sometimes.  Yesterday, I was called by the Clerk in the other court out there and my poverty affidavit was approved.  So, now there is a hearing date.   It doesn't show online on the seventh judicial circuit court site yet but the notice of hearing was filed today for the annulment on the bigamy!  Woohoo!  I want that marriage declared invalid, as it was invalid.   

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on April 14, 2011, 02:53:50 am
No dear.... I was way, way before Sharyn... I came first and met him while he still lived with his wife Sheri and actually heard Sheri on the phone...

First was me, then Sharyn, Melody and Lori, then came you....

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on April 15, 2011, 10:53:03 pm
(11:28:47) cardtrick: and the pics she keeps posting of herself are worse and worse.
(11:28:53) THE_BRA1N: But she seems to relish it
(11:29:04) cardtrick: definitely mental problems there.
(11:30:31) THE_BRA1N: I dont think that she is an inherently BAD person but yeah lots of mental problems there
(11:31:08) cardtrick: her first instinct is to post PI when cornered -- but it's her own PI. And, it's never good, like "my sister won a vacation". It's all sympathy-ga​rnering sob stories.
(11:31:55) THE_BRA1N: That's what "VC" always tells me
(11:32:07) cardtrick: She's an inherently bad poster, that much is plain.
(11:32:18) caskur: :confused
(11:32:35) cardtrick: see? Inherently bad.
(11:32:47) THE_BRA1N: lol
(11:33:29) THE_BRA1N: You should have been here earlier when White Rabbit and I were talking about tards and forums
(11:33:36) caskur: why do you pretend that you like me Bra1n? then bullshit and diss me publicly?
(11:33:47) caskur: that is a tad two faced isn't it?
(11:34:32) cardtrick: he disses me publicly. He's frisky like dat.
(11:34:41) caskur: what makes you think you're better than abusive deano?
(11:34:48) THE_BRA1N: You think that because I dont dislike you that means that I shouldnt "diss" you?????
(11:35:02) cardtrick: wow. You're insane, Caskur.
(11:35:18) caskur: I think you spreading lies about me is very bad
(11:35:24) cardtrick: are you crying now, fatty?
(11:35:38) caskur: in other words, you're like Deano without the punches
(11:35:54) THE_BRA1N: I diss everyone and lately no one more than Vix. Dont sound like such a fragile twat.
(11:36:01) caskur: I just got this in my PM box
(11:36:02) cardtrick: what lies? You're ugly, mentally unstable and a forum plague. Them not lies
(11:36:07)  The only thing I will say about it and this stays between you and me is fear. He threatened to kill her. And when I tried standing up to him as a 12 year old got the crap beat out of me and was told if I did it again he would **** her with a broom stick. I am not minimizing what has been done to me I know it was bad and thats just the tip of the iceberg. However I do not wish to share it with other people.
(11:36:33) cardtrick: holy crap, she has to be committed. Do they do that in Aus?
(11:37:36) caskur: he beat a kid up who tried to protect his mother
(11:37:42) cardtrick: boy are you dumb
(11:37:47) caskur: he has to be stopped
(11:37:58) cardtrick: who the **** cares
(11:37:59) THE_BRA1N: WHy do you keep harping on that **** here????
(11:38:03) caskur: I **** will NOT tolerate a kid being beat up
(11:38:13) caskur: spank, yes... beat up, no
(11:38:27) cardtrick: you're deflecting, Fatty
(11:38:31) THE_BRA1N: That idiot doesnt post here and Im willing to bet no one even knows who he is here
(11:38:38) caskur: why do you keep harping on the **** you do?
(11:38:56) THE_BRA1N: Such as?
(11:39:27) THE_BRA1N: cue Jeopardy music
(11:39:31) caskur: answer my qurstion from before and don't answer it with a question... you're sidesteppin​g
(11:39:45) cardtrick: Tonight's topic is your low intellect and your unattrative persona. Don't go dragging children into your own whirlpool of failure.
(11:40:14) caskur: why do you pretend that you like me Bra1n? then bullshit and diss me publicly?
(11:40:28) caskur: tear me down
(11:40:36) THE_BRA1N: Scroll up, i answered that
(11:40:43) caskur: then you complain about me being negative
(11:40:54) caskur: when all you write about me is negative
(11:41:12) THE_BRA1N: If it will make you feel better than pretend that i hate you like everyone else does
(11:41:37) cardtrick: you are negative. You're a blight, a disease that should be expunged immediately​/
(11:41:57) cardtrick: and, you don't look very attractive.
(11:42:21) cardtrick: and you have mental issues.
(11:42:21) caskur: someone should axe cardie straight between the eyes with a tommyhawk
(11:42:21) THE_BRA1N: I slap you around because even in my eyes sometimes you deserve; everyone else thinks you deserve it ALL THE TIME
(11:42:51) caskur: No you won't because I won't stay
(11:43:27) cardtrick: and plus, you're never funny, a prerequisit​e of forum habitation.
(11:43:29) THE_BRA1N: Ive been hearing that from you since 2008. You realize that, right?
(11:43:51) caskur: and I have left a few times
(11:44:06) cardtrick: quit sobbing you lightweight​.
(11:44:14) THE_BRA1N: To get some sleep at times, yes
(11:44:18) caskur: I had zero intention of ever returning here but that other pissant convinced me to comeback
(11:44:32) caskur: that was a mistake I should not have made
(11:44:56) THE_BRA1N: Oh stop your whining, if you want to leave than GTFO
(11:45:23) THE_BRA1N: No one here is going to shed any tear, including me
(11:45:49) THE_BRA1N: Dont make it out like a soap opera
(11:46:16) cardtrick: no one convinced you to return.
(11:46:34) THE_BRA1N: The little voice inside her head did
(11:46:50) cardtrick: be a man and take responsibil​ity, you moron.
(11:47:08) cardtrick: and quit crying
(11:47:26) caskur: Is that you last word on it?
(11:47:40) cardtrick: no. I have many more.
(11:47:55) caskur: I am not talking to you tardo
(11:47:56) cardtrick: BOO!!
(11:48:06) cardtrick: hehe She flinched
(11:48:19) THE_BRA1N: I do too as long as youre around acting like a stooge
(11:48:45) THE_BRA1N: You make yourself out to be a target
(11:48:58) cardtrick: yeah, what satisfactio​n do you get being a dumb stooge?
(11:49:22) THE_BRA1N: Thats why no one likes you or respects what you have to say
(11:49:26) caskur: OK then... it was an interesting and brief association​.... I will cherish the memories of when you were semi-human and wish you a nice life then.
(11:49:35) cardtrick: I enjoy being a champion, to be sure, but I always wondered sabout you losers.
(11:50:04) cardtrick: what do you get out of being the all-time loser?
(11:50:32) cardtrick: throwing your PI out there like rice at a wedding...
(11:50:39) THE_BRA1N: Oh.. another episode of Two Stangers Part On The Net
(11:50:57) cardtrick: and, Tina fey is on Dave...BBL
(11:52:23) THE_BRA1N: the melodrama isnt working
(11:55:09) THE_BRA1N: A couple of weeks ago you were filling up my PM box asking me to delete your account, etc... and here you still are.. with more dramtic drivel about leaving and not coming back. LOL
(11:55:51) THE_BRA1N: As if that has any effect on me or anyone else
(11:56:54) THE_BRA1N: "The most hated poster on TRF is leaving? NOO WE CANT HAVE THAT!" :rotfl
(11:58:36) THE_BRA1N: Let that be a lesson about leverage - you have none. Unlike someone like say, WHite Rabbit whom others thoroughly enjoy reading

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on May 10, 2011, 02:42:30 pm

You have the gall to take discomfort with any mention of the alleged death of someones ''son'', but in the same breadth will implicate the same person as the cause of anothers recent death? - is this an example of TTR's ''minimal standard of decency''?

I am asking a question which logically follows from her posting, not gratuitously bringing up things like digging up bones of a deceased son or daughter which some of our non-flame members with children may find highly objectionable and inconceivable to think about being subjected to if they were in the same shoes.

Regardless of what you or anyone else thinks about the propriety of flaming people for having the misfortune of suffering through the death of a child, I am heretofore proclaiming it as "off limits" in this board, primarily based on the complaints and feedback I have gotten about it from other members.

It's not an undue burden on an otherwise free speech board and adds nothing of substance to discussions to allow someone to bring up the rotting corpse of a child in every successive post. Take it and live with it or leave it and go post somewhere else if you can't. Your choice.

**** YOU and all of this numbo jumbo chapter long of 'board etiquette' bullshit that you 'serious internet board management' wankers seem to find necessary. You don't appear to have any active non-flame board members, in case that very obvious reality escaped your notice. They've gone. Much like the majority of your administration team and what remains is you quote warring across the board with that spamming piece of dingo dung who calls herself "cASSkur''. My reference to her ''rotting corpse of a child'', that which I use sparingly, is not what your ''members'' or those of us sincerely entrenched in informative debate, find highly objectionable and inconceivable; it's your acceptance of unintelligent, pitifully redundant, unattractive hags like cASSkur, shitting up YOUR message board with their stomach turning little offerings.

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur on June 10, 2011, 05:05:08 pm
Vixen is one confused broad.


Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur™ on June 10, 2011, 05:06:15 pm
Aint' dat de troof.

Title: Re: 3rd Rail Shout Box
Post by: caskur on June 10, 2011, 05:07:36 pm
She is on the banned list.

Why is that?