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Title: Alpo With Asperges Syndrome
Post by: caskur™ on January 03, 2011, 09:15:11 am
Some of you might think Alpo aka Gabriel, aka AlphaNova is a kewl guy. He isn’t… he is a bleeding troll and bloody idiot who makes people’s eyes haemorrhage when reading one of his absurd posts. Now, you may say a troll is a good thing because, let’s confront it, you’re all bloody stinky trolls anyway so why worry?

He will think I am writing about him giving him the attention he so sorely craves and yes, I am writing about him here but not for fun rather as a stern warning.

No good can come from knowing this individual lunatic and his Asperges Syndrome is at the most advanced stage I have ever encountered. Sadly, the mong doesn’t even realize he has it. Nope friends and pledges, he is completely without a clue he has this illness.

That begs the questions…

1. Should we treat with sympathy, the schmuck? 2. Or should we ignore the choking OLD weasel, or 3. should we smack the living textual sewer clog-age out of him?

1. Only a bleeding heart liberal would offer sympathy for this socially rejected out patient. They’re renowned for their compassion for a wrong cause although from time to time, their causes are right, in this instance, they wouldn’t be.

2. Ignoring him never worked either. He simply stalks his hapless victims with a variety of aliases under a variety of free proxies and even has been accused of stealing his neighbours wireless connection. And that would definitely be closest to the truth since he has been stealing people’s flame ideas and PI forever and the area he comes from in the USA is practically a state housing suburb with low socio-economic welfare and if you don’t believe me, I will email you his suburb and show you on Google satellite the condition of the spread… at the moment, there are 88 house repossessions where he lives. That is right, people who live where he lives cannot make repayments to banks on their houses.

3. Now this is a tricky one. You can try as you might but you cannot out-write this maniac. I am serious folks. He is also backed by an old curmudgeon called Obi, The Wise and Powerful. Wise and Powerful my arse…. He is a dirty old misogynous perve.

And now Alpo has a new tard supporter, Serafina, the Drag Queen extraordinaire. I note too, tragically, that Soul Cancer, an Aussie Bogan from Hogansville has also become an ally of Alpo. My take on it is, that this poor sufferer of tattoo ink poisoning has had one body piercing too many. I’ll leave it to the discerning as to whether they want to spend another year typing to the idiot or make an New Year’s resolution and

…….have a happy new year!!!! ….. And quit writing to him

Food for thought friends and acquaintances. Food for thought.