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Title: How about a drawing on wood?
Post by: caskurô on April 10, 2010, 08:25:56 am
Using a soldering iron, burn the wood... colour with a little nail polish..

This pieces took me 8 hours each.. I gave every who helped me in my house fire recovery one each as a gift..

they were hard to do actually... I think the soldering iron was too cool and when I hit an oily part in the wood, like the side (the rings in wood) they were near on impossible to burn... a very slow process...   it gave me tonnes of satisfaction though.

I did them when I was living across road watching my new house get built... I lost all my art supplies in my house fire... thousands of bucks worth... BUT an artist HAS to draw, like an singer HAS to sing or a dancer HAS to dance...

know what I mean?