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Title: Our Ridiculous Justice System - Perth Western Australia
Post by: caskur™ on February 24, 2010, 03:01:00 am
In my state a man was given 20 yrs for killing a mother (32), her 16 yr old son, her 7 and 5 yr old daughters. He raped the mother after she died and the public are NOT allowed to know what he did to the 16 yr old and the 7 yr old…

20 yrs for killing 4 people. He is due out of jail in 2012…..I am furious, absolutely furious that they even contemplated allowing such evil back out of prison. If that case didn’t warrant a death penalty, I don’t know what does. Even the cops working the case said they welcomed the death penalty re-inforced.

That story is featured in a show produced by Fox, called, “The Greenough Family Massacre”…

Over the last few years in my state, mothers with Post Natal Depression have seen no jail time for killing their new born babies and some aboriginal teenagers killed a 47 yr old grandfather in front of his family playing cricket on the beach on Christmas day a couple of years ago….they walked to…they saw no jail time… The also let another aboriginal man who had committed 50 rapes out of jail, only to **** another 15 yr old and beat her senseless as soon as he got out.

To say I am completely disgusted with my states criminal conviction system is an understatement.

It totally frustrates me when our system bleats “Crime Prevention” and yet fails to adequately deal with heinous crimes.