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Title: Has CO been Hacked?
Post by: caskurô on January 27, 2010, 07:34:16 am
Hi Farmer, Twap, guess what?

Ive got Admin access now.. bet you never saw that one coming? I quietly hacked into the system. Its not hard to do. Be careful who you **** with.  :LMAO: I figure Farmer youll be able to access your database even though ive banned you. Ive banned quite a few people.  :LMAO: Life is good, life is sweet.

Did anyone know Sara is Admin?

Hey Twap, IP:  denver? I had you down for japan.

SOS - IP:  would this be your IP SOS?

Assasin - IP: so youre not sos? gotcha

Caskur your abit of a ****, but I would **** you.

sorry S.O.S, no need to message meTwaps IP details thanks but i didnt need it.

Dont trust anybody.