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Topic Summary
Posted on: January 19, 2009, 05:44:14 am
Posted by: caskur™
LOL is that a real story?

They sure are.

I have hundreds and hundreds of stories.

Real stuff is the easiest to write, I think.
Posted on: January 19, 2009, 01:30:27 am
Posted by: arete
You need help c/p-ing?  I'm gonna do some laundry
& then I can help you out if ya like.
Posted on: January 19, 2009, 01:29:18 am
Posted by: arete
LOL is that a real story?
Posted on: January 18, 2009, 02:57:10 pm
Posted by: caskur™
From: Omnipotent888__ Sent: 12/30/2005 12:52 AM

Pretty Boy was persistent and patient with Bubba, despite the fact she attacked him all the time. Eventually she stopped thinking I was her soul/sole mate and started to put up with him. Birds are monogamous,… well at least budgies seem to be….lol…I think she still loved me the best but a physical relationship between us was simply out of the question.

We finished off an extension on our house, painted it all nice and white and had 5 inch polished jarrah floor boards to show off. I shifted some white linen presses in there and some flower stands and put the cages out there on top of them….It was a beautiful room. Bubba and Pretty Boy’s cage doors were always opened and funnily enough, they kept sleeping in their own separate cages….Bubba usually on unfertilized eggs. Then I decided to buy a nesting box and put it high up on one of the linen presses…..Bubba loved it straight away and by this time she was allowing Pretty Boy to mate with her….she laid some fertilized eggs and then 2 weeks later, when I was on the phone to Kurt, I walked out into the laundry holding the phone to my ear and I heard the faint, faint chirping of baby budgies in the extension. I was so excited…..the eggs were hatching….after about 2 yrs of laying eggs; finally something came out of them…..

And where was Pretty Boy when all this commotion was going on? Well he stayed in his cage and dared not come out…..of course; males play a huge, huge role in caring for their mates and their young and feed them all day. If the mother dies, the father will raise the babies without any trouble what-so-ever. But poor inexperienced Pretty Boy, wasn’t allowed anywhere near his offspring. Over time and with a few more hatches under their fluffy feather belts, this situation changed. Both of them got the hang of being parents after the first hatch.

By the time Kurt got back from the Gold Fields, the babies were fully fledged and flying around the house. It started to get dangerous. In the late afternoons, the babies flew around the house with lightening speed. I used to have to duck or be hit in the head. 

One more point, Pretty Boy did talk but not well and he said this, "Come here, come on"……all those months of trying to teach him, "Hello, Pretty Boy," never happened….it was what I used to call to the birds to come to me, "Come here, come on," that he learned. Bubba always flew to me when I called for her and so did Pretty Boy in the end

Too many birds in the house meant too much cleaning up so….it was time to buy an outside aviary. That’s another story to follow. I'm so glad I am finally taking the time to write all this out.

Posted on: January 18, 2009, 02:56:00 pm
Posted by: caskur™
From: Omnipotent888__ Sent: 12/29/2005 9:34 PM

With budgies at least I have worked out a way to train them very, very easily…..you must get them as young as possible….straight out of the nest is the absolute optimum. Only get one, doesn’t matter which sex, [at first]. Train one young one well initially; this will make it easier to train the next one you introduce into your home, [incidentally within 3 months] as he/she will follow what the other budgie does and if the other budgie isn't scared of you, then the new one won't be either.

You must be with the young fledgling as much as possible and don’t stop telling them how beautiful they are….they love being talked to. You must handle them a lot but not for long and if they struggle don’t keep insisting…if they want to fly off, let them…then calmly go and fetch them….never chase them around because you are in a hurry to get them back in their cage….never feed them out of their cage at first either…the food and water is a temptation for them to return to it and then you can calmly close the door……at night, just turn off the lights and go to them and calmly grab hold of them then put them back in their cage. It only takes a few weeks, they do love their cages and happily return to them when they’ve had enough of being out of them but they do love to come out and fly as well.

NEVER clip their wings, that’s a shitty thing to do and equivalent to chopping babies legs off so they can’t walk.

I just loosely hold the budgie to my chest where their little feet can cling onto my clothing….they seem to like having their feet hooked on something. It’s all about them thinking they are in charge but really it’s a con job on our parts and patience and being able to fool them…I’m good at that one……another way of getting them back into their cage with no dramas, is to throw a green bait in there like a bit of Swiss chard/ silverbeet…..budgies absolutely cannot resist anything green at all and will do ANYTHING to get some….lol

Posted on: January 18, 2009, 02:54:40 pm
Posted by: caskur™
From: Omnipotent888__ Sent: 12/29/2005 9:03 PM

Bubbas new handsome boyfriend was a beautiful blue with black wings opaline budgie…I didn’t name him unless you call "Pretty Boy" a name……he came to me a juvenile and not a young baby. He was given to me by my sister who didn’t want him…..lol….naturally he fell for Bubba straight away but she wanted nothing to do with him and used to budgie box his earless head. His breeder’s name was Dean and Dean has won Australian soldier of the year twice now…..he grew up breeding budgies as a hobby. Another birdman…..lol

I gave this bird, oodles and oodles of attention. I talked to him a lot and had him out of the cage. I was home alone as Kane was elsewhere and Kurt was working away up north earning big bucks….Pretty Boy never flew to me…..I used to have to go and get him to hop on a stick, then I’d carefully sit down on my chesterfield and hold the stick against the mirror tiles so he could look at his handsome self. He’d only stay there a minute and then fly off but I kept doing this, no matter how many times he flew off, I’d just go and gently collect him again until I needed to do other things and this went on for a few weeks.…..well, one day I got some visitors and Pretty Boy was totally shocked that two other being s had come into our domain….then all of a sudden he flew to my shoulder for a gawk at the visitors, [my mother and step-father] now I was shocked….lol…..and I watched him, look at each one like someone watching a game of tennis and his eyes went from one to the other and he was standing all alert……finally he thought of me as family I guess…..I’ll continue this story later.
Posted on: January 18, 2009, 02:53:59 pm
Posted by: caskur™
From: Omnipotent888__ Sent: 12/26/2005 5:43 AM

I didn’t have much time for budgies when I first married. I got into dog breeding. I married a man with a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Sabre. I guess I started dating my husband when Sabre was about 6 mths old….by the time he was 4 years old I had Sheebah, his niece. I planned to breed the pair and had 4 litters from that pair over the next 5 yrs….meanwhile; I kept chickens and a cat also, fish in ponds and aquariums.

Kurt brought me home a beautiful blue budgie but it died within 3 days….it had had a heart attack from whoever had it before me….it was only a baby and I suspect it was mistreated….I never had a bird die from a heart attack, only ones brought to me and died within 3 days….what happens to birds sometimes is, they will have a heart attack and survive but die about 3 days later and you can tell this when they fluff up, look generally unhappy, perhaps have diarrhea and when you find them dead on the bottom of the cage, one leg is straight and stiff and the other is folded or curled up. It’s the curled up leg that will give you the clue, that the bird suffered a heart attack, previously.

The baby budgie Kurt brought home kept looking like it wanted to vomit. It gagged every few seconds and all it wanted to do was lay against my body warmth….sweet little thing and oh so beautifully marked. It’s a shame to lose the good looking ones. Then one day he brought home Bubba….what a character she was and she wouldn’t go into her cage, the little pain….she was spoiled naturally but I got her to stay in her cage after a week…..as long as she could come out for a fly, she was happy enough. We made perches all over the place…..I used to laugh when she would jump on the cordless phone’s antenna while it was laying on it’s curved back…..she'd take this huge run up, jump on the antenna and the phone would spin around and around in a huge cycle, then she’d jump off, only to do that over and over again. What a pity I didn’t have a video camera to permanently record it…..she was so inquisitive she’d get into too much trouble.

I loved it when she’d find a piece of paper crumpled into a ball. She chase it around and kick it like it was a football and she’d do this all morning for entertainment.

One time Bubba jumped into a sink full of very hot water and after that she never took a bath…..on another occasion we came home, only to find her upside down in a glass lantern that held a light bulb….still another time and the most serious, Kurt turned on the ceiling fan and Bubba flew into it….I heard the sickening thud as she was flung across the lounge room only to end up on a self that held the videos. Kurt found her behind the videos in the corner and her leg was snapped completely….we took her to the vet and he bandaged it up tightly and glued either side with araldite glue.

Once the glue hardens, it acts as a splint …..it took a whole solid three weeks to mend back together again and in the meantime, Bubba tried to peck the bandage off, silly little girl and it’s not as if you can put a bucket on their heads as some people do to dogs.….When we bought her home from the vet, she slept a whole day in one of the water receptacles [minus water, naturally] with this funny bandage leg sticking straight out in a straight line.

So far she’d nearly boiled herself in a sink of soaking dishes, nearly fried herself in a light feature and tried to lose a leg by doing a Kamikaze into a spinning fan …..still, she loved us and was boss of the house……she was so happy in her environment that she thought it would be a great place to nest…for a week she went mental, trying to chew holes in anything, wood, picture frames ect, but eventually she laid her egg in her cage and then laid one a day for five days…..this went on for months until I got her a male budgie. Up until then, she thought I was the father of her babies, or unfertilized eggs…hehe…every time she go to lay a fresh batch of eggs, the same thing would happen,…..[they get bad PMS just like some women] and very cranky before the first egg is laid…..they are very destructive but after everything, she'd end up laying them in her cage in a container I provided for her, time and time again.

Everything my grandmother told me about budgies was wrong….she used to tell me that if you kept a pair, the males would never talk…WRONG…..and if I got a male, they’d never have babies in the house….WRONG…..

To be continued…later with the story.
Posted on: January 18, 2009, 02:52:21 pm
Posted by: caskur™
From: Omnipotent888__ Sent: 12/23/2005 6:07 PM

I got my grandmothers Pink and Grey Gallah in 1998, I'll write out the story give me time, I'm going through a, down memory lane, at the moment. You might like the little stories I have about birds...I always write about our dogs or cats but haven't written much about birds. I just got my Mother-in-laws Cockatiel, she's a yellow one, they are usually grey, the yellow is a variation. She's a house bird but she stuck out in the aviary with the other grey one of mine and the budgies.
My son Kane love birds and cats but just tolerated our dogs, poor Kane.....lol...I think our dogs were too big and boisterous for him. When he went and lived at my Filippino aunts and my uncle's house, she had a Pink and Grey Gallah, [we call them cockies] an old one....another poor thing stuck pernamently in a cage....Kane went up to ask the cockie for a kiss and it bit him on the nose, it was a big bite to....lol....poor Kane....when I went to school and saw him, [we went to the same senior campus in 1993] I said, "Kane... what happened to your nose?" That's when he told me about the cockie biting him...I think after that, the cockie lost his favour.
About 1992, Kurt bought home a blue and grey budgie we called Bubba, it ended up being a girl....Bubba was named after a character in the Dustin Hoffman movie, Accidental Hero....brilliant movie. She was a character alright. A bloody legend.
All large Australian parots are called "cockies" regardless of species. Just so you know.
Some birds do prefer one sex of humans over another. Tis true, I believe it's hair colour to....my budgies don't like my Filippino aunt although she's another bird lover....personally I think it's her dark hair but it maybe because around birds she acts animated herself where around birds, I am more sedate....Birds love you talking to them, all the time....
I had a Port Lincoln Parrot that came to me having escaped and getting lost and he could whistle perfectly almost the whole song of, "Pop Goes the Weasel," He loved men with glasses and grey hair. {Buzzockstubble1 from NTb2 was one such man]  I rang a radio station 6PR late one night, [the Graham Mayberry Show] to see if I could find his owner [grey haired with glasses] and I did btw,... anyway,... I had him for 9 months and he never attacked at all....when the previous owner came in my house, the Port Lincoln ( 28 parrot we call them in WA) Parrot savaged the back of my hand....that really hurt my feelings,  I can tell you, he went berserk when he saw this man and took it out on me....he got away from me for 4 days once but I kept going outside and whistling so he kept in the vicinity and when I put his cage in a tree by day four, he went into it for the seed and I got him back.
He had a passion for carrot sticks and the owner told me it was because at the bottom of the aviary they kept rabbits and guinea pigs so there was always carrot sticks on the bottom of the cage for him to eat. I like to keep birds in cages and they like their cages as long as they can come out and fly around the house, everyday if possible.
At one stage everyone knew I was the bird lady and everyone's, "found," bird ended up with me. Now I want to have a break from them. Birds are very demanding for your attention....true.
Posted on: January 18, 2009, 02:49:46 pm
Posted by: caskur™
From: Omnipotent888__ Sent: 12/23/2005 4:53 PM


I only found 3 typos in my first post, not bad  the first one was writing "eat" instead of "ate"....the second one was, but left it as it is should have been, but left it as it "was"  and "occupations" shouldn't have the S on the end.
post # 2, first typo is in the first line and now I am too scared to read the rest....


One of my friends emailed me and said they feel lonely. I feel lonely and I know it was the chicken’s death that set me off. I read a few jokes but they didn’t liven me up. When I don’t have anymore birds, I’m not going to replace them. I’ve always loved birds, all sorts of birds. When I was a child, mother would take us down to the river in winter to feed the seagulls, stale bread. We always had a supply of stale bread. My grandfather owned a bakery but he died when I was 10 from a melanoma on his back and then spread through his body….I used to break up the bread and throw it to the seagulls…..this also attracted the gulls that were on the other side of the very, very wide river….The Swan River….I used to stress out that not all the seagulls would get some. I wanted every seagull to have a bit of stale bread as it was winter and cold and they all acted like they were starving as the squabbled over the tiny pieces of bread. I also love that I could command these wild birds to me.

I’m very talented when it comes to training birds. They have always instinctively fallen in love with me…..lol, they must know I like them and want them to be happy. I so admire birds.

I wrote a poem about an eagle when I was fourteen. Our Advance English teacher read us a story about 2 pilots who accidentally killed an eagle so they landed the aeroplane to found the eagle….they buried it and paid homage to the animal who was king of the sky. The teacher gave me 10/10 for it and read it out to the class, later when I was 16 I wrote many more verses but this is all the teacher got to see…..her name was Mrs Rankin [sp?]….. My Poem went like this,

The Eagle

The Eagle spreads his mighty wings

And falls to the ground and with him brings

A terrifying cry, a painful, dying sound.

The poem was apt to the story the teacher read and she got the whole class to write a poem based on the story about the eagle being hit by the plane but she liked mine the best so that’s why she was impressed, I guess. I also remember an older girl taunting me about it saying I copied it. Obviously the older girl had no talent and couldn’t recognize it in other people.

Posted on: January 18, 2009, 02:48:12 pm
Posted by: caskur™
From: Omnipotent888__ Sent: 12/23/2005 2:45 PM

Has anyone ever rescued any battery hens? Battery hens spend their whole short live in cages. Even the bottom of the cage is made of mesh so they can poop through it.

I’ve rescued battery hens and it’s a very satisfying feeling. When they come to you, their yellow legs and beaks are pale and unhealthy looking, their feathers are plucked out and their claws are many inches long. The feathers are plucked out because they share their cages with 3 other chickens with no space to move. Their claws are long because they’ve never scratched the dirt.

It’s amazing how quickly they recover from their 18-24 month ordeal of being confined to cages. Within a month, they have colour back in their legs and beaks, their feather grow back beautifully and they lose their long claws…..as soon as you put them on dirt for the first time they start scratching.

You can get them very cheap, sometimes as low as 50 cents each and there’s still plenty of egg laying left in them….I don’t know how much laying pullet costs but I’ve known them to cost $26 each.

Raising day old chickens is really great fun to…..they are so gorgeous and display all the adult qualities at even 1 day old….the scratch and peck each other as well. They need warmth and water….the warmth is usually provided by a single light bulb….poor things must get terrible eye aches from the constant light but they don’t seem to be permanently affected by it. They grow really quickly, by the day in fact. I’ve raised heaps of baby chickens with 100% success rate and they cost about $6.50 each where I come from. My favourite chickens are the black chickens but this time I’ve been keeping the red ones. They lay brown eggs when mature.

Kurt has just come home after his long drive. He’s buried the poor chicken and I have already told him off. He is naturally, unrepentant. Later we’ll go shopping, I’m craving something sweat.

Posted on: January 18, 2009, 02:46:29 pm
Posted by: caskur™
From: Omnipotent888__  (Original Message) Sent: 12/23/2005 1:25 PM

I think I have depression. Today I found one of my chickens dead. I know she was old but I rescued her before she died except my efforts were sabotaged by an idiot. He hates being called an idiot, his father used to call him that all the time and I think to myself; well maybe, just maybe his father was right. Actually, I know his father was right. I wonder what his father would have thought of me?....Kurt said his father would have liked me. I don’t know why he says that as his mother hates my guts, that’s an Aries for you,  I would expect the same treatment from his father, who knows?… ….lol…In any case, a wife shouldn’t call her husband an idiot too many times if she wants to live to see the next day so she harbours inside her soul, resentment…..Now according to some experts, doing that, gives people cancer. I can believe that.

Back to the poor chicken, I rescued her and though she was frightened of me at first, that was overcome within five minutes…I put her on top of these giant storage bins where I keep the chicken pellets and fed her some food….she gobbled it up, happily enough and I thought if I give her a couple of weeks of some TLC she’ll be as good as new….She weighted about 50% less weight that the other chickens as they wouldn’t let her share their dinner….She’d skirt around the edges of them feeding and avoiding them or she would get pecked. Well,.. when I put her with the budgies she was very happy and pecking around and thought it was great to be away from her nasty sisters. She was only with them for 2 days but eat everything I put in front of her and that’s a very good sign in animals… then when Kurt had come home from being away all week, went to inspect the birds and saw that the budgies water was filled with chicken **** so he put her back with the other hens.

I was upset he did that but left it as it is. I wasn’t very well myself and going back out there, catching her and then climbing stairs, going down more stairs and putting her back where she would have survived, was too much for me to do…..Then two days ago when I went to feed the chickens, she wouldn’t eat and was standing apart with no life in her at all…I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d find her dead. The other nasty chickens were pecking at her head also. Well I did find her dead today and I am sick over it….

I have 8 chickens now and not the 9….not very long ago I had 13. I know they are getting old now and their life span is fairly short but they do so much work for us humans….not only do they keep a large area totally weed free but they give an egg almost every day of the lives. They aren’t the brightest of animals but they do show love to their keepers and they are very easy to keep…..They endure all weather conditions and it’s an extremely therapeutic occupations to sit and watch them do their thing. All kids should have a few chickens and I guess in the old days people did. These times are **** compared to the times we grew up….these days the highlight of their days is computer games where once it was collecting eggs and feeding the chickens a little grain.
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