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Topic Summary
Posted on: January 19, 2009, 01:03:48 am
Posted by: arete
You chicks are crazy.
Posted on: January 18, 2009, 03:05:40 pm
Posted by: caskur™
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From: <NOBR>°※•۞VMŞmí†ĥ۞°※•_</NOBR> Sent: 11/23/2005 2:54 PM
Melli had a blood transfusion.  Not a surgery.  She had it Monday.  Today is Tuesday.  Even so, she actually posted just 15 minutes before Wednesday.
I'm Sub, now?  You are a fuckwit.
Your love for me was real?  Bigger fool you then, for letting it go.
But either you've divorced Kurt finally, and can go have Brent help you squander the money that Kurt earned for you.......or you were lying about that again, in which case Kurt can continue to pay the bills while you eat and cheat your way into Sheol....
I saw you claiming to another group that you were a twenty year Bible Student of the JWs.  Tsk, tsk, I think your status is better described as "disfellowshipped".
My Mom and Dad got the tape.  So I guess you have nothing more to blackmail me with.  I will enjoy watching Karma **** you up your fat ass in the coming years though.
Oh, and Raven says that you are STILL emailing me with your love?  Jeez, get over it, you dumped me.....for which I am profoundly grateful.


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From: <NOBR>°※•۞VMŞmí†ĥ۞°※•_</NOBR> Sent: 11/24/2005 2:29 AM
Jehovah may well love me, I can hope so, anyway.
I wonder at how he feels about an adulterous glutton who thinks it appropriate to cause pain to two people - my parents - who had never done her wrong.
In any case, your assurances to those that you have shown such hate for that "Jehovah loves you" is pretty shitty and unChristian.  Jehovah's love is not some kind of weapon for mindless bitches like you to try to hurt your fellow man with.
There is no one here, not even friends, who think that you meant that sincerely.  You demean only yourself in saying such things.
Stick with regaling us with tales of anal **** and your undying love for me.  It's cleaner.
P.S.  Oh, and of course I'm Sub.  And Raven.  And Flea.  You are a slow one, aren't you?

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From: <NOBR>°※•۞VMŞmí†ĥ۞°※•_</NOBR> Sent: 11/29/2005 8:50 PM
I'm wondering if your stupid, or cataclysmically stupid.  I think you are, actually.
Sexual Harassment pertains to one person having power over another, and exploiting them sexually.  It can also be situations where a "sexually hostile" environment is created that the other must suffer through.
Jim does not have to have sex with me to keep his job, you fat retarded ****.  And while his repeated mentions of his wife's "snatch" may well create a sexually hostile environment for her, well....we knew her home life sucked, that's why she left him in the first place.
Do you need another example of sexual harassment?
How about when some dumb **** dumps a guy....then emails him every day, tries to stay friends with his mommy and daddy, trash talks him for months - then calls to wish him happy birthday - then sends hate mail to his folks, and still professes her undying love.
You've about done everything but kill my kid's pet rabbit, you two ton blunder from down under.  And you'd no doubt do that if your fat ass could waddle over to within a thousand miles of such a pet.
You are, after all, the same **** who threatened to kill Sharyn's cats - when you thought she was with me - and are now her bestest friend - when she is not with me.
I cringe with embarassment on your behalf every time I see one of your posts.  You've yet to cease and desist from degrading yourself in front of all those who may once have called you friend.
How sad.
Hope Kurt's doing okay - in other words, hope he really did leave your sorry ass, but I'm still guessing that you are lying, so he's ****.  In all ways but the nice way.
Pity Kurt didn't really leave you.  You could come over and make Brent's life a living hell...as he could do for you.  That would be a happy thing to watch.

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From: <NOBR>°※•۞VMŞmí†ĥ۞°※•_</NOBR> Sent: 11/30/2005 3:31 PM
I see that Cathy, the poor victim so abused by me, is still at it.  Shouldn't she be plugging her ass so as to prevent that anal **** she's so concerned about?
I gather in this latest that Cathy is really a nice person afterall, who only dialed my parents - more then half a dozen times - by mistake.  Just like that tape showed up by accident, she had meant to mail it to Brent, but "Alabama" and "Illinois" are so close in spelling....you all see how it is.
I suppose then that she dialed my cell phone on my birthday by mistake.  For surely the woman who dumped me, only to **** and moan about me not being with her ever since, had nothing good to say to me then.
Brent is going to have to be a bit more prudent.  Since my parents actually do have such a tape - go figure how I know - he should realize that he has no more cards to play.
But now he wishes to call the police.  I would love to hear that call.  "Hi, Officer Herring, I'm Brent Martin, a real McCoy Rocket Scientist.  I don't know Dean or Sharyn but figured you needed my help cracking this non-existent and unpursued case.  May I play you a tape of some guy who I will claim with no proof to be Dean, yelling at a woman in Australia, recorded in violation of Federal law, and of no legal validity and of no relevence to your current non-investigation at all?  That will definitely prove.....it will show...er, well, it will definitely give me an orgasm, so how about it Officer Herring?  Officer Herring?  Hello?  Hello....?"
And as back drop, Cathy and Brent are making faked pics of JustSub1.  Ahhh, it seems like only a month or so ago those two were making fake pics of their good friend Sharyn taking it up the ass from me.  I guess grade school humor is about their only speed....
What will these two crazy kids do next? 
Well, I can thankfully relate to you all that given Cathy's morbid obesity, and Brent's tiny ****, there is no way they will breed.  Also, Brent's sexual proclivities - from what his ex-wife said - are better represented by the song "Dueling Banjos", as opposed to that song "Oh, Susannah" that Cathy is imagining. 
Hopefully Brent finds Cathy's mouth "purty", or she might find out about anal **** after all!  But at least she - unlike those guys in the movie - will be uniquely qualified to "squeal like a pig". 
Take care, and stay tuned....same Dumb **** and Bastard Time, same Dumb **** and Bastard Channel.


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From: <NOBR>°※•۞VMŞmí†ĥ۞°※•_</NOBR> Sent: 11/30/2005 9:26 PM
Oh my.  I devastated.
Several months....and several states....and several women after you've dumped me, and after no less then 75 emails and phone calls of your undying love for me...
It's time for me to move on?

It's too soon!!!!
Oh - *sobs* - please don't let our love die!  Say it ain't so!
You know what?
You really ARE a fuckwit.
P.S.  Thank you for showing Flea how little you value the fact that she's actually stuck up for your sorry fat ass all this time.

Posted on: January 16, 2009, 07:49:11 am
Posted by: arete
It's actually the best time of all.
How would you feel if it were
Prowler who was gone tomorrow?
We always think we have another
chance to talk to someone but as
we well know tomorrow may never come.
No guarantees & who wants regrets?
Posted on: January 15, 2009, 03:43:45 pm
Posted by: caskur™
Well fix it!  If u truly are really
good friends it's worth it.  Were you
always just friends or were you also
romantically involved with The Prowler?

I don't know what we are now and it is bad timing to try and fix anything. He would still be grieving about his friend X dying.

It isn't a good time for anything.
Posted on: January 15, 2009, 08:36:51 am
Posted by: arete
Well fix it!  If u truly are really
good friends it's worth it.  Were you
always just friends or were you also
romantically involved with The Prowler?
Posted on: January 14, 2009, 09:22:35 am
Posted by: caskur™
Why do you care if Prowler doesn't like it?
I thought you told me not to mention his name.
You have a love/hate relationship with Prowler?
What is it with your attitude with him and
why would you even care that Prowler
doesn't like u bringing it up? 

Fill us in, girl.

One of the reasons Dean and I broke up, was that Dean demanded I ban Prowler from my groups....I didn't....I wouldn't and then Dean went absolutely nuts and out of control to the point of going behind my back to score Rainbow [Sharyn] and plotted to take his revenge on me.....From those early times, Prowler stuck by my side and our good friendship grew.....for 2-3 years, Prowler has been closely by my side.....I was still in love with Dean, even up to a year after I dumped him....anytime I would mention his name at my Avant-garde group, Prowler would tell me off and so I tried not to mention Dean and slowly got over him.....meanwhile, everyone else was **** writing to him and that got up my nose....because my members were chasing Dean all over the net.....It was alright for THEM to write with him but NOT me...

I am angry with Mark about something that he isn't aware of although he probably has a good idea now....I don't know.....but....that is another story...
Posted on: January 14, 2009, 08:21:40 am
Posted by: arete
Why do you care if Prowler doesn't like it?
I thought you told me not to mention his name.
You have a love/hate relationship with Prowler?
What is it with your attitude with him and
why would you even care that Prowler
doesn't like u bringing it up? 

Fill us in, girl.
Posted on: January 14, 2009, 04:13:06 am
Posted by: caskur™
what a lovely man

Oh, there is plenty more but Prowler doesn't like me bringing it up so I don't.
Posted on: January 13, 2009, 11:00:54 pm
Posted by: arete
what a lovely man
Posted on: January 13, 2009, 09:46:14 am
Posted by: caskur™
LMAO...are you serious?
Is this man telling the truth?
You wanted your husband

I have to post this in OPC.


Of course not, silly...

he tried to tape me saying that so he could blackmail me.

Posted on: January 12, 2009, 11:21:01 pm
Posted by: arete
LMAO...are you serious?
Is this man telling the truth?
You wanted your husband

I have to post this in OPC.

Posted on: January 10, 2009, 01:21:37 pm
Posted by: caskur™
Omnipotent, aka, Broadcasthoney, Caskur, PerfectScents and a few dozen others, is a woman named Catherine.
We were in a net romance and both decided to get divorces so as to be together in "real life".
I got the divorce.  Catherine needed more time.  In the meanwhile, she needed money....yes, you see where it's going.
Got a bit darker then even that though.  She then needed me to kill her husband because he is abusive (so she claimed).  This would allow us to live together in their house.
At this point, I was broke and now living by myself in an apartment.  I nevertheless declined.  I was dumped.  She is now attempting to engage another idiot like me in a romance.
As it turns out, her family and her husband have been trying to get her to get professional mental help for years.  Her role in her son's death unbalanced her more then she already was.
The police are investigating her now, though besides warning her that if her husband dies she'd have a lot of questions to answer, there is little they can do.
Here is her group, so you can compare her group and mine and decide who is or is not a troll.
Troll Philosophy Inc.
Also, should any of you wish, I would provide her husband's number to you, and he can verify her mental state.  He is used to this kind of thing.  He's a decent man.  Even paid me back a bit of the several thousand she got from me. 
Please note that I did not bring this subject up here...but I have no intention of being sniped at by her during my tenure here.  The best bet, if the managers care to do anything, is to forbid further discussion on it.
When she gives her answer to this, we can pray that it will be the last word on it from her.  She addressed me to cause pain, hopefully it is out of her system now.
Take care,


From: <NOBR>Michelson-n-Morley</NOBR> Sent: 4/13/2005 5:11 AM <<<Dean

Cathy you are the most special one,
and fill me with desire.
You are so bright and sweet and fun,
and set my heart on fire.
I met you in another place,
where we sparred and danced.
But even when I'd not seen your face,
I knew I was entranced.
I've fought for you in groups and boards,
and hounded all your foes,
I've dealt with foolish online lords,
and consoled you in your woes.
I've watched the sad betrayals, too,
from idiot "friends" galore,
and fought them back and kept with you,
while fighting bums and whores.
And in this crusade in which we joined,
and have been loyal to from the start,
there is something of mine that got purloined,
and it was definitely my heart.
You are so kind and good and caring,
so soft and gentle to me,
but to your enemies rough and blaring,
and it's fun to watch them flee!
It always tickles me to no end,
to see how different you are,
when being soft with me your special friend,
and then kicking their asses so far!
I love that you are my feisty kitten,
who hisses and spits and claws,
but who cuddles with me who is so smitten,
and purrs away without pause.
I want to have you totally,
in every single way,
and be there for you completely,
I dream of that one day.
I love you, honey!

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