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Topic Summary
Posted on: December 27, 2008, 01:33:41 pm
Posted by: caskurô
I'm not who I say I am so this is my confession time...I am a male, 3 feet 7 inches tall, black with only one leg. I have no talents to speak of, no money, no significant other in my sad life.
It is physically impossible for me to have sex as shortly after birth I was neutered. Yes it is true, I was de-sexed. My parents were told by the doctors at birth I would never grow very tall and turning me into a female was the kindest thing to do with me. It was hoped I would perhaps retain a high pitched voice where I could sing in a choir or join a circus and perform amazing acts.
The picture displayed in my profile is indeed a real woman I fell emotionally in love with and who lived in another street in my neighbourhood. Even though we lived so close, we never ran into each other. Then by chance, a Special Olympics was scheduled and she was a contender in the shot-put events. It turned out, she had only one leg too. We bonded at the Special Olympics where she was a shot-put contender and I was the shot-put! The day I felt her powerful arms around me, ready to hoist me to the outer circles, was the day my heart gave a joyous leap. Marriage was inevitable.
Not long after that event, we wedded. I was happy to share my life with another one legged person who shared the same difficulties and interests as me. That was until we started to argue about who would vacuum and do the dishes. My lovely new wife objected to being the stool I insisted on standing on, to do the dishes.....I said, "I'm not using no bloody stool to stand on, to do the bloody dishes. You and I agreed we were in this together and we would share the housework,"...all went well until I gained 100 lbs and standing on my lovely wife's back, caused it to break. She is dead now, God rest her lovely soul and all I have left of her, is a picture of when we first met....Everytime I click on my profile, I look at my lovely pale wife's face and cry...."if only I hadn't gained 100 lbs, this would never have happened."
I have never been able to meet another woman with one leg who was prepared to marry a 3' 7" black midget and who could compete in the special Olympics so until this day I remain single and looking. I promise there will be no sex and this time I'll use a stool when washing the dishes.
If you know anyone out there in cyber-land prepared to go to coffee with me with the view of marriage, please email me immediately..... I'mNoIdiot@msn.com
Thanks for listening!!!

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