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Topic Summary
Posted on: April 18, 2010, 04:29:56 am
Posted by: caskur™
Why do they think they call them "killer" whales.


The damn thing should have never been held
captive in the first place.

Very true Icy.... they're too big to keep humanely in captivity.... if they created larger enclosed environments, it wouldn't be so bad....

Zoos have come along way in housing animals to the old days...

All animals can potentially kill.... OK we get it, but what are you going to do when it happens? That is point.
Posted on: April 17, 2010, 11:16:14 pm
Posted by: icy
Why do they think they call them "killer" whales.


The damn thing should have never been held
captive in the first place.
Posted on: March 08, 2010, 03:16:21 am
Posted by: caskur™
Someone needs to tell Americans to stop exploiting animals like this...

I have also just found out he is 31 yrs old... so I have revised my thoughts on this creature...

I just wrote this at another board....I doubt I will get many to agree with this though as emotions clog good reasoning...

if he is as old as the others say he is....(I was under the assumption he was only 10 yrs old) and they do not plan on using him again....he should be put down...

when the vets in Western Australia said initially to put the Atlantis dolphins down, there was a huge public outcry....the Japanese who owned the place opted for this rehibilition program costing them 3 million dollars and the result was a failure as I have already written..

Someone needs to tell the American's to quit exploiting large wild animals and humans like this...its time for yanks to grow up,...

bottom line is, he killed 3 humans......obviously they cannot keep him in a humane enclosure to live out the rest of his life...

he is too expensive to keep in solitary confinement and the creature doesn't deserve a tortured retirement...

put him down,.... that is the only humane solution..
Posted on: March 07, 2010, 10:47:45 pm
Posted by: Sonex
Yes, I agree the whale should be released into the ocean.  I don't think he would find any difficulty in finding food, all the shoals of small fish, plancton, etc, would simply float into that huge mouth once it was open.   He is probably going completely insane in that prison.
Posted on: March 07, 2010, 08:11:36 pm
Posted by: Jody
The ppor thing should be released. No Orca should be in captivity.
Posted on: March 07, 2010, 12:00:57 pm
Posted by: caskur™
the killer whale should be released...I believe that...

they claim animals released, starve...

if they release him near a pod, and the pod accepted him then they'd teach him to fend for himself.....I mean, how hard is it for an animal like that to catch something to eat after the others he sees doing it, hunt and feed?

3 people dying is totally unsatisfactory....

clean the pools and make it another aquatic center for the public...recoup financial losses that way.

Releasing the whales still pose a huge danger to the public though….they will naturally gravitate to fishing boats…wreck nets that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to replace…..and pretty much give everyone the shits.

We had the Japanese pay 3 million dollars to rehabilitate dolphins from a park “Atlantis” Perth WA…only to have those very same dolphins end up being eventually killed by fishermen as they ruined the nets….

They are wild DOMESTICATED animals….they have no natural fears to humans…they think the humans are a source of a free feed....and they will in the wild too.

Nah he is ten, he is young.....for a killer whale.....

Having no contact with anything he is used to like humans would be detrimental to him since they are practically his only stimulation now....I don't think solitary confinement wouldn’t be good for this guy....that is actually an act of torture if you think about... that is actually cruel.

So far we have a history of one being released and starving to death, do we know why? Did it have worms? Did he swallow plastic? Did he have whale distemper? Did they do an autopsy to find out? Did he have whale distemper? What?…however, I believe that it is possible, (since it is the only case), they need to do another experiment….if they don’t, how do they know what’s what, for future problems?… I gave an illustration of the dolphins, but who says they knew what they were doing in the rehabilitation in the first place? I suspect they didn’t.

Instinct will kick in with the whale and why I say that is, over the years, I have rescued chickens…battery hens whose feet never touched the ground. The poultry farmers keep the birds in cages their whole life from hatching to egg laying and until they are 18 months old then they’re replace with younger more productive birds. I bought some and as soon as I put them on the ground, they started scratching around even though their claws were several inches long and their feet had never touched sand….cutting a long story short.. within a month, no one could tell they’d ever spent a day in a cage….their claws were worn down to normal, their feathers grew out and the colour in their legs turned from white, to a healthy pale yellow and so did their beaks…it was phenomenal.

Now I know the chickens are little harmless creatures…but the point is animals live mainly by instinct….

These animals belong in the wild due to their size. Humans cannot provide a humane enclosure…this whale guy, he needs to find a mate…he is now sexually mature and he isn’t going to remain a baby forever… Most animals live fine with people until their breeding bio-clock kicks in….then look out anyone in their way…

Those tanks are inhumane for an animal that size. I am not against animals being enclosed if the enclosure is the correct size for it. They are not.
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