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Topic Summary
Posted on: August 27, 2008, 07:49:11 pm
Posted by: caskur™
I'm slotting this here...

Last time I checked, the US  has won more medals in the history of the Olympics than any other country. And as for American Football, there in no other sport in the world that combines physical attributes with endless choices for strategy and need for quick thinking mental acumen, all rolled into a single sport.

Just one afternoon of trying to master playing a spread offense or Cover 2 defense on Madden 2008 versus say, FIFA World Cup or NHL 2008 where you just move your players around and try to score should underscore that.


This year Oz faired dismally compared to previous efforts.....but are you really that silly?

Your population is 300 million....Australia is 20-22 million......we USUALLY come 4th in the medal tally...USUALLY...behind the big populations....Russia, China, the USA....I think the figures says it all!!! You have a bigger pool to choose from and don't forget your athletes and the others cheat, using drugs....remember dead Flo Jo and that other black male runner? Yeah....phuck off....Aussie are the best and always will be!!!

Only a moron and/or american would ignore population counts and make such a meaningless statement.   Try a bit of objectivity and compare medal wins by population 'Fucksplash'

Gold medal wins by population in 08 put NZ at 4th ahead of Australia at 5th and america at 47th <snigggger>


If you count all 08 Olympic Gold, silver and Bronze medals by population you yank wanks only won 1 medal per 3 million people.   
NZ only has 4 million people.. if we performed as badly as you useless fucks we would have only won a single medal.  I guess that makes Kiwis 9 times better than americans Funny2:)SmileySmiley 


I don't know if I could handle all the rest breaks. :rolleyes: 
For fucks sake!.. you girls only play for a minute before you need a rest from the effort required to carry around all yer padding.  Pathetic bunch of **** pansies.. you embarrass real men all around the world with your girlie sports :goatse:
Posted on: August 19, 2008, 11:40:31 pm
Posted by: caskur™
An Austrian man playing for Germany won the clean and jerk.....what a sad story behind the man....last year, his wife of only 3 yrs was killed in a car crash.....I was cheering him on.

I can't believe those guys lifting those weights.

Medal tally so far....

 China 43 14 19
 United States 26 26 27
 Great Britain 16 9 8
 Australia 11 12 12
 Germany 11 8 9
Posted on: August 19, 2008, 06:38:03 am
Posted by: caskur™
This was nothing less that amazing watching the Russian woman Yelena Isinbayeva win gold and set a new record in the Women's Pole-Vaulting...I watched it live late last night.....what a wonderful performer she is...24 records broken by her now.


Ms. Isinbayeva continued to jump after winning the title at 4.85 meters, first setting an Olympic record of 4.95 before breaking her own mark with a vault of 5.05. Coming down, she was already celebrating with her hands and fingers outstretched in ecstasy before hitting the mat. She followed it up with her trademark somersault. It was world record No. 24 for her, indoor and outdoor combined.

Silver went to Jenn Stuczynski, the American who challenged her but fell short at 4.80. Russia's Svetlana Feofanova took bronze.

Posted on: August 17, 2008, 08:53:27 am
Posted by: caskur
The Men’s 1500 meter swim was awesome. Pity the Australian going for his 3 Gold didn’t get it but in the semis he broke his own world records. The man is a power machine but failed to clasp the gold and took the silver only, losing by about an 1/8 of a second. In the interview after his swim he said he wished he had scored the lane next to the winner, “Mellouli.” Congatulations to the Tunisian.

Hackett plays down Mellouli's doping record

Grant Hackett says he has not spent any time worrying about the doping record of Beijing Olympics 1,500 metre winner Oussama Mellouli.

The Tunisian beat Hackett by less than a second in today's final, denying the Australian a third consecutive Olympic title.

Mellouli was forced to hand back the gold and silver medals he won at last year's World Championships after testing positive to a banned stimulant in 2006.

FINA was forced to take the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after discovering Tunisian swimming authorities knew of the positive test and had only issued a warning

Mellouli was handed a retrospective 18-month penalty, rather than the normal two years, allowing him to swim in Beijing.

Hackett said he can only focus on his own performance.

"I didn't think about it after the race was over until it was mentioned to me," Hackett said.

"You can't spend life worrying about those that sort of stuff. I was just focused on me, my own race, my own race plan, getting every little bit out of myself - that was my main focus.

"I've come a long way since world championships 18 months ago and I'm really proud of the way I've applied myself to my swimming.

"I've been doing this for a long, long time at this level. It is the way it is and that's life."

Mellouli has steadfastly maintained his positive test for amphetamines was a honest mistake and Hackett refused to rain on his parade.

"It's something I am not going to get into, his past is his past, it's not for me to worry about," Hackett said.

"He was a competitor on the blocks today, in relation to the rules he abided by them, he did a good race and good on him."

Mellouli's 'miracle'

Mellouli, a student at the University of Southern California at the time of the offence, said he had taken an Adderall pill two days before he tested positive so he could stay awake to finish a university assignment.

"This year was difficult because of the penalty I got, but I thank God for the talent I've been given," Mellouli said.

"In the finals you never know what can happen, you could get last or first.
"In the Olympic Games anything can happen - it was a miracle and for once the miracle was for me."

Australian head swimming coach Alan Thompson said no aspersions should be cast on Mellouli.

Thompson said Mellouli served his suspension for previous drug use and has trained hard to achieve his results.

"He took the initiative on the lap when Grant was breathing to the right side and he was breathing to the left side and put a gap in them that Grant really tried hard to close and just couldn't quite get there," Thompson said.

Grant Hacket:

Posted on: August 09, 2008, 01:03:34 am
Posted by: caskur
American fans angered by Olympic ceremony TV blackout
10 hours ago

NEW YORK (AFP) — The rest of the world might have been dazzled by the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony but angry US viewers clamoring for a glimpse of the spectacle on Friday were made to wait after a media blackout.

US network NBC, which owns exclusive rights to Olympics coverage in the United States, refrained from showing the opening ceremony live, preferring instead to delay coverage by 12 hours for a prime-time evening slot.

A spokesman for NBC, which paid nearly 900 million dollars for Olympic broadcast rights, said the decision was taken to maximize viewing figures.

"It's a business decision," the spokesman told AFP. "It protects our affiliates, our advertisers, and shows it to the largest number of viewers possible," he added.

Bizarrely, the co-hosts of NBC's breakfast television show barely mentioned the ongoing ceremony during their broadcast, which was reportedly pre-taped.

Meanwhile rival networks used correspondents in Beijing to describe details of the ceremony, but no footage of the extravaganza was available.

Major newspapers carried extensive reports of the ceremony in their online editions, with the story dominating The New York Times' homepage. The Times illustrated their coverage with a selection of photographs.

The opening ceremony blackout dismayed dozens of readers who posted messages on a New York Times message board.

"What a joke. I got up this morning to watch the ceremony assuming that it would be on," said one poster, Andrew, who wrote that he had found a live stream of the event on the Internet.

Another contributor, Leo, said attempting to impose a blackout in the age of the Internet was impossible.

"A delayed play is ridiculous in an Internet age," he wrote. "They thought people could pretend to ignore such an important event was happening on the (other) side of the global? It's impossible."

Others accused NBC of living in a bygone era.

"I can't understand how in 2008, in the area of instant access, with multiple media outlets, NBC behaves as if we are in 1950, and has the guts to make audiences 'wait' for a live coverage that many other countries in the world can see as they are taking place," wrote Erik.

Another poster, Jordan, lamented: "Richest country in the world and we can't watch the Olympic opening ceremony live. Its being shown live all over the world ... NBC is pathetic."

A writer on the San Francisco Chronicle's website accused NBC of putting advertising revenues before public service.

"NBC is an acronym for 'Not airing Before making big Cash! The Chinese may censor their people over politics -- our corporate overlords sensor (sic) us over profits," the reader fumed.

Meanwhile, attempts to circumvent the blackout on Youtube were quickly clamped down. Although several users of the popular video-sharing site appeared to have posted clips of the ceremony, the items were later blocked.

However, other sites scoured the web in order to locate live coverage of the opening ceremony, the New York Times reported, and found success with a German-language feed amongst others.

The NBC spokesman said the network was rigorously enforcing web violations of its broadcast rights.

"We take copyright law very seriously and we're actively working with the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to ensure the take-down of infringing Olympic content on the Internet," he said.
Posted on: August 08, 2008, 04:48:04 pm
Posted by: caskur™
I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.



Truly the BEST opening of any Olympic EVER.

My goodness, when China decides to throw a party, that is one hell of a party.

I like the Chinese….I hope the rest of the games goes off well for them.

My heart also goes out to the grieving Chinese families who lost friends and realives and children in their horrendous recent earthquakes. They didn’t deserve that…or their floods….poor buggers!!!
Posted on: August 08, 2008, 06:16:16 am
Posted by: caskur™

Starts tonight and I cannot wait for it to start.

I am so excited for the Chinese. I’m excited for them wanting to be part of the world again….good for them, really good for them.

Of course, their city environments are shot to pieces with poor conditions but maybe they’ll rethink their approach to fixing it…here is hoping.
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