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What Does Love Mean to You?

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Author Topic: What Does Love Mean to You?  (Read 43 times)
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« on: January 06, 2009, 02:14:06 pm »
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Love is the only real thing that exists and no one gets the real meaning of “love,” until they lose the person they love most in the world. This has NOTHING to do with eros [Greek] love, or romantic love which is the meaning of eros love. It has EVERYTHING to do with agape love. Agape [Greek]  love is the unconditional love often spoken about but never truly puzzled together.

King Solomon said, “everything is vanity.” That is actually true.

Why do people miss the real meaning of “love” I believe is that everyone is coping with surviving in our extreme conditions and works far too, hard. I remember seeing a professional couple opt out of society and take their 3 little kids into the Australian outback to get to know them. I remember the wife complaining about her former friends getting all excited about what colour they were going to choose for their carpet as if that was the biggest deal in their pathetic lives, yet not knowing or even caring about what their kids were all about and she was quite right…..Turning away from convention is mystified over by some, yet the people who do it, find their spirit more peaceful…it isn’t having, or not having material possessions, it is more like an unchaining of a restrictive bond and a bond we put on ourselves, unnecessarily. We sell ourselves into material slavery and in the long term has no real benefit.

The story of King Midas is actually a very good parable. It is the story of a King who turned everything into gold even his own daughter until it choked him in the end. Saddam Hussein had 75 palaces….now he is pushing up daisies after being hung at the end of a rope. Why did he want 75 palaces? To me, it is OK to have enough…

Recently, a TV vet in Australia called “Dr Harry” aged in his early 60’s [a fantastic personality and admired by all], fell ill…..He said since his Prostate cancer he now makes sure he works only 8 hours a day, sleeps 8 hours a day and plays, 8 hours a day. Many people are working more than 8 hours a day and for what?

Utopia is achieved when you can escape your current situation into your own imaginations. To me, the next best thing to love is your own imagination. From our collective imaginations, is the source of all life.  Everything starts with an idea in your head, then  the plan is put down on paper.

Religion isn’t the answer either. Having a severe shock is though…losing EVERYTHING and starting from scratch is the most challenging and rewarding experience a person can have and I recommend it to anyone….although it would be much harder the older you got, whether you could cope with losing everything.

To me, the only cure for our environment would be to eliminate plastic. Does anyone remember the days where lunches came in waxed paper? If you really know the environment, you’ll know it is from the invention of plastic our planet has really accelerated into disaster…..Plastic has clogged our lives and is killing the wildlife at an alarming rate. With only 5% of plastic recyclable I find that an outrageous environmental, delinquency.

The reason we have war is, men love it. If they didn’t love it, they wouldn’t do it. There is no cure for them. I doubt their caveman mentality ever really evolved into a higher lifeform, at least that is what the cynic in me, believes.

The last thing I would relate here is, they’ve made a video on what the earth would look like, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 years with no humans left on it. All the buildings would crumble and turn back into natural landscape and wildlife would be abundant. Too late for the extinct species though, but a paradise, all the same.

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