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February 20, 2020, 11:09:20 pm
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Doomsday Wrote (and well written too)

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Author Topic: Doomsday Wrote (and well written too)  (Read 578 times)
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« on: June 21, 2011, 04:44:27 pm »
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I thought it was a great pity TDT ended up being total jerks.

Its nice belonging to forum (CO) where the admins don’t listen to weaklings who disguise themselves as bullies. Weakling Fleadung is one such cowardly person … she is a "group thinker"  group thinking is not my style and never will be although not always of course.

I shudder to think I would ever be so weak as to need a gang to back me up. But most of all, I am disappointed in my friend there at the now defunct TDT who threw me under a bus, hey Mark?… I think the saddest thing in life next to real life death, is losing a friend.

Dooms said they’re the biggest hypocrites and he is 100% correct and I add devious and dangerous as well and really, so is Brawl Hall but ladr is a good man… but he wasn’t always a good man to some as he admitted personally to me…

So, flaming has lost their talented posters and very few remain…. And reading “flamers and trolls” has become very tedious… it really has… they are so damn stupid ….no seriously, really stupid people..

If anyone knows the story of the vampire Lestat, a character from Ann Rice novels, these hybrid trolls of flaming like the Snorz and Fleadung are like vampires who never should have been allowed to be vampires in the first place. Lestat had to kill many of them…..lol…not that you actually can since they’re supposed to be immortal. It isn’t true of course… the angels themselves are “mortal” which means “able to die” and angels certainly can die…but that is another story on another subject.

Yeah, stupid is the word.

I told you I had never seen the flame world until after Dean had tried to take out PME.  I was on my way home from college.  Earlier in the day, he had demanded the password to the manager account.  I didn't give it to him.  He went ballistic and started to take out the board.  I had over 900 members and was doing an enormous daily volume of posts.   Number one in activity which was hard on the politics groups.  Anyway, I got a call form one of the assistant managers while on the freeway that Dean was having a meltdown.  I got home and demoted him but he had faked an account, mirroring my daughter's nickname.  She was an honorary assistant manager.   Anyway, that is when Rainbow got in touch with me and told me some of the history.  She showed me the war going on and the private flame sites and the private anti-troll sites which were nothing more than flame clique sites.  

All of it actually made me sick.

Flaming in a spoof like manner, using wit and satire is more to my liking.  I could never be a hard core flamer.  But I don't let people bully me and in a fair venue, which is what I have experienced at CO, I will not be bullied down.  

I dealt with stupid trolls on the MSN political groups.  We had a nutter Womyn of 3 who used to dig into everyone's personal dirt and play sick games with some guy named pavlov's pig's help.   She targetted me just for speaking my damned mind and part of the fun I had online was rising above her.  When she crossed the line too far, I contacted MSN corporate and they shut down a bunch of their secret little sites, not just her politilcal gossip fest.   I didn't even know she had those boards till they tried it again and talked about how much they lost.  The next sweep from MSN came and they took out her private storage sites.   She was a **** nutcase.   I spoofed her on my political group.  I had a board where I mimicked them with similar nicks and said it was a play of sorts for entertainment.   I became known as she who could not be named.   LOL!  It was really funny to see those bullies, who were alot like flea and her ilk reduced to not even mentioning my name.  

Anyway, when I saw the world of flame, and Dean didn't have a computer, so wasn't there except through proxies like flea, I was so disgusted I ran back to him, over the phone.  He begged me to marry him and I did, and he and I took my own political group out.  But by then, it had been taken over by ..... well paranoia, in my absence.   I didn't care that it was gone.  It would never be the same.

I learned a hard lesson about differentiating between reality and fantasy, good and bad.  Because the messenger has it's own problems, is not reason to disgard the message.

The truth is the truth no matter the messenger.  

I believe Prowler himself got rid of the site.   I have seen misinformation put out on the closing of many groups over the years.  That is my gut and I believe it had to do with his own feelings about the place changing.  Just a gut feeling Caskur.  I'd have to be proven wrong.

I went to TDT a few times.  There was no freedom for the cream to rise to the top there or the light to shine either.  It was a dark, dank, gloomy place.  
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