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December 06, 2022, 10:41:55 pm
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Alpo's Blog - LOL

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Author Topic: Alpo's Blog - LOL  (Read 143 times)
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« on: October 13, 2010, 09:22:36 am »
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Advice to Unk: Pull the plug on the Fight Club  Posted on October 12, 2010 by Gabriel

I challenge anyone who's ever run a flame forum that allowed caskur to run free to show how that forum ended up surviving in the long run.

I can't think of a single Flame Forum which has survived the caskur experience. FC attempted to make itself a caskur blog and RudeDog ended up pulling it off the web. TDT died under the onslaught of caskur spam. Megan's board exists as a hole in the ground, having it's original forum deleted by the host due to racist comments---guess who made them? Moondog Wilson identified caskur as a racist months back.

Most forum have found that they either need to throw caskur to the curb or outright ban her. Those that don't end up ghost towns.

It's only a matter of time......
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Yes caskur, you are a dolt Posted on October 12, 2010 by Gabriel

The famous bushpig Caskur wrote this as the new style CO.

"Alpo wrote this....

Quote from: Gabriel on 19-07-2010, 21:06:58
It's become extremely obvious over the past forty eight hours that Soulcancer is a phishing scumbags. So some common sense rules to follow when signing up here:

1) Use a one off e-mail addy
2) Don't use your real IP. Soulcancer googled JOO's and assProwler's IP.
3) Trust Soulcancer to use duals to do his initial attacking. When he gets pissed enough, he will sign into his real nic.

No need to thank me. I'm that kind of guy.

So which is it Alpo.... Farmer, who you claimed 3 day ago or Soul Cancer, you tried to frame, months ago?"

Let's take this by the steps, piggy. Soulcancer was trying--very hard--to make me think that he had access to my personal info. Now, since I've never given out any real personal information over the web, for SC to have any could only have been accomplished by phishing or hacking.
However, the PI SC was hinting at was dead wrong--indicating he was guessing.

I know for a fact that Farmer googled AssProwler's IP because Farmer told me. I notice you don't list any links to your post, caskur. I wonder why this is? Could it be you're making **** up?

Hell yes for months SC was the attack dog for both Bryan and Farmer....because that's their style. They will use others while standing in the background. SC, too, no doubt uses numerous alts at CO.

CO cannot be trusted....the Facebook links added there asked people to sign in using their email and their password. From CO? Why would this be necessary. And as soon as Wayne mentioned it, the links were quickly removed.

SC....Farmer...Bryan...none of them can be trusted.
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To Wayne Posted on October 11, 2010 by AlphaNova

Your post on CO was an excellent one, and you asked all the correct questions. It was shortly after I posted those caps that Farmer blocks access to URL's in order to keep people from finding out what he was doing "behind the scenes".

Caskur herself at the time claimed the photos must have come from her computer. Farmer gave Gabriel the ones which turned out to be of her sister; he stated he used "special software" to get them. Farmer gave Gabriel all of TheProwler's pesonal info, too. As you can see in the cap, he states that he googled in TheProwler's IP.

Since Gabriel had no moderator powers at CO he certainly couldn't have gotten Prowler's IP. Someone with mod/admin powers could only do that. It's a short list of people who had that IP, discounting the CC moderators, who as far as we know, aren't members of CO. The admins at the time were Farmer, Bryan, Sara, TWAP and Pogo. Farmer was quick to allow Pogo to take the blame but Pogo has always admitted what he's done; certainly if he found out Prowler's PI he would have stated this.

Caskur had Prowler's IP at Flame Damnation, but we all know there's no way caskur is smart enough to figure out she could google Prowler's info. And if you read posts you'll see Farmer admits he googled in Prowler's photobucket account.

As for the caps being "faked" look at them; do they resemble Gabe's writing style or do they resemble Farmer's?

Yes Farmer did block access to this blog and the Hellstrom Chronicles message forum because he didn't want the info there being seen by his members. He still doesn't, which explains the "ban" on Gabriel from posting.
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Tortured Artist

« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2010, 04:05:39 pm »
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Happy reading caskur Posted on October 13, 2010 by Gabriel

I see you've been reading...too bad you weren't able to name a single forum which has as yet survived your running amok on it.

FC, TDT, Meagan's SMF board, Dry Board, Exec Suite...the list of boards which ended up dying out goes on and on...and you can't name a single one which hasn't.

Already the main posters at CO are you, Wayne and AssProwler. Hardly anything going on there at all.
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To my fans Posted on October 13, 2010 by Gabriel

Specifically the odious and insane "el kabong", caskur, AssProwler, flabby, and let's certainly not forget UnemployedKernel aka Farmer......

No, I don't mind being locked out of CO at all....in fact I had been bored with it for a long time now. Which was why I told TWAP to forget about me "defending" the tag team title....and why I had hardly posted there in recent weeks. I had the weekend off for Columbus Day and opted to push Farmer's buttons....with the predictable result being Farmer couldn't take it any longer and had to mute me. Which was the only way Farmer, kabong, caskur, AssProwler, flabby and any of the other morons at CO (Hi Bryan) could claim any kind of a "victory".

And a false victory it is indeed. Easy to flame a target which can't respond....harder to flame one who will flame you back.

Ironic that Farmer claimed "personal information" when he spread all of Joseph K*m*e*'s info around....info he found by googling his IP. Farmer, PI isn't public records....like a list of what websites you have on your server. On the other hand, you've allowed google earth maps of people's homes and other info posted on your board...info "found" by using an admin panel (either you or caskur). You allowed copyrighted pictures of people NOT members of your board on the board....the list goes on and on.

You can take your shithole Farmer and shove it up your fat ass, of there's room in there with caskur and kabong already residing in it. I found out rather quickly what a lunatic you are...kabong, his rep as a internet **** sucker of admins is well known. Just look at how he sucked up to "Alpo" before RudeDog opted to call Alpo pubic enemy #1 at the now dead Flame Champs.

You lose farmer...you lost as soon as you hit the mute button and admitted you couldn't handle things on your own forum.
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