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May 24, 2022, 07:39:17 pm
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Coprophile - I Learned a New Word Today

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Author Topic: Coprophile - I Learned a New Word Today  (Read 30 times)
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« on: June 18, 2009, 02:49:59 pm »
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I learned a new word today...I think Badnazzi is one of these...wow...he now has a label....other than metamoron, that is...


From this thread:

edited by me...

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Quote from: darjeeling on June 17, 2009, 09:06:15 pm
Nope! I have a much better idea. I'll go out and have a nice pub lunch in a pleasant Adelaide pub, and then socialise in agreeable company for the afternoon.

you mean.. go poo punching

Rather than go directly to the mods about this - and I hope they read this. Bantam? Megan? - it's better to be upfront and confront you directly and publicly, Jockstrap. I think that particular remark, gratuitous and offensive as it is, sails very close to the wind and borders on the unacceptable. There's a consensus, I think, that we leave each other's sexuality alone. Now you know nothing about my sexual preferences. How could you? And I know nothing about yours - and what's more I couldn't care less. Maybe you're a closet gay who never came to terms with it and hates gays as a result. Or maybe you've got the sexual maturity of a 12 year old boy who sniggers and wanks over soft **** pics behind the backyard dunny. Who knows? Who cares!

Whatever.  I don't want to know. And nor does anyone else I should think. ... I'm kinda not surprised that Jockstrap is a behind-the-backyard-dunny **** and sniggerer

I'd prefer Jockstrap's exact words to stay up there so that the members are aware that Jockstrap's vision for this board is one in which he can be Chief Troll and make the vilest slanders against any member of his choosing regarding their personal sexual preferences and personal practices. Now there may well be members who would take no exception to this. Perhaps they'd enjoy Jockstrap's 12 year old sexual maturity where he sits behind the dunny and sniggers and wanks over his soft **** pics. But I think they'd be in the minority.

I think the majority of members of this board would feel distinctly uncomfortable with the thought that Jockstrap's vision for the board is: if you cross Jockstrap he'll feel perfectly free to splash sexual slanders about you over the board. Not harmelss ones that may be ribald but in good fun, but vile ones. To allege of me, when I excuse myself from the board because I'm (shock! horror!) going to enjoy lunch in a pub with some pleasant company, that I'm going "poo punching" is to accuse me of being a coprophile. Now my personal sexual preferences are nobody's business and I've never tried to raise any sexual flag on this board like Dana who presented as gay. For the record, I'm not gay, and my sexual preferences do NOT involve ****, poo or fecal matter. A coprophile is a person who has an unnatural interest in faeces. This is distasteful, I agree and I apologise to the board. I didn't bring it up, Throttlejockey did and I'm exposing to the board what Throttlejockey believes is acceptable board behaviour. I'm 62 years old and have always been ferociously interested in members of the opposite sex who are around my age and who also might be interested in me. I won't embellish that further and in fact now draw a veil over it.

I've made the point that if Throttlejockey believes this is acceptable board behaviour he should put it to the test. Any member is fair game. He can troll the board and any member who might incur his displeasure becomes a target. He can allege you have an unnatural sexual interest involving ****. Why stop there? He could allege you are a paedophile. He doesn't need any evidence, he can just make the allegation. Or perhaps he can claim you do it with your mother.

Jockstrap ridicules the notion that there's a board consensus against this type of gratuitous slander. He ostentatiously rifles through the board guidelines and says "Nope! Nothin' here about that!". I really don't give a toss about the guidelines on this issue because I wasn't talking about the guidelines. The word I'd used, and which Jockstrap repeated, was "consensus" - an unspoken and unwritten agreement among fully paid-up adults about certain areas. You know what I mean: "We don't go there". These things don't need to be spelled out in guidelines.

Jockstrap ridicules this consensus. He believes you are all fair game for his trolling and his sexual slanders. I've made the point that if he acts on that assumption and if the board mods do nothing then the board would empty very smartly. He accuses me of making "threats". How can that be a "threat" when it would come down to a choice that individual members make for themselves?

But sadly, Jockstrap has the emotional and sexual maturity of a 12 year old. Sitting behind the dunny sniggering and wanking over soft **** pics is fun. He fails to see why other people don't share that view.

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Damion Hellstrom
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2009, 09:47:16 pm »
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Well, BAD is already famous for being a **** eater.
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