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Title: Biological Time
Post by: caskur on August 10, 2013, 03:16:43 am
More than 20 years ago, I learned animals had a biological time and that their little hearts beat the same amount of beats, then they died. A mouse heart had exactly the same beats as a large elephant. Since a mouse is small and has a faster metabolism the poor little critter dies fairly early… around 3 yrs BUT and elephant’s heart beat is much, much slower so he uses up his time around 60+ years. According to my quick research this was the first readable article to highlight this animal biological time business. Science discovered all animals hearts beat roughly 1 billion times before turning up their little furry toes.


Now humans … well humans are different. We are the only mammals that out lived our biological time…it’s not just a little time… hell no.. it’s like 3 times more than the beasts of the fields… Turtles even.

Our hearts beat at 3 billion times before our tinea infused toes turn up for the big old dirt nap. Now anyone thinking this is vastly different from animals would be right.

Human hearts beat 3 Billion times.


The Bible said thousands of years ago, mans healthy life-span was 3 score and 10 (70 yrs) so we’re going by that figure I assume.

Animals 1
Humans 3

We win.