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Title: An Alpo Interview
Post by: caskurô on October 10, 2009, 09:15:09 am
I have a question for caskur.

Caskur, is there a single standard that you've attempted to apply to others that you haven't broken yourself?

Let's take a look at the various "standards" you've claimed others should live by that you yourself have failed to live up to:

1)  Typo lames are bad.

Nope.  You haven't managed to live up to this standard.  As soon as someone makes a typo you harp on it.  However, you make numerous typos and then criticize people for picking up on them.  Ditto for Nicky G aka BAD, who can barely write and type. 

2)  Don't attack others on the web.

This is probably one of the funniest standards you've set for others which you don't follow.  ALL of your forums have been "tribute" boards.  You come to flame boards and criticize people for flaming, then end up flaming them yourself.  On the board and on your own forum.

3)  Lurkers are bad on bboard.

Excuse me for a minute.....

Bwa hahahahahaha.

You lurk all the time...you send guys like BAD to lurk for you (because you're afraid of your IP being seen).  Yet you ban people from your own forum for lurking. 

4)  Don't post personal info.

Everyone has seen how much you post personal info...yet you lambast others for doing the same.  In fact, every single thread you have must have some personal info about people in it.

5)  Netcopping is bad.

And yet on your own forum and here you post a link for reporting TOS violations.  You encourage others to do the same.  Yep, you've blown another standard yet again.

6)  Don't attack kids.

YET another standard you've lived down to.  Numerous attacks of flea's children.

7)  No real life threats.

*snicker*.  How many times have you threatened to kill people?  Or have BAD get people?

8)  No whining.

You are the queen of whining, especially to board admins.

9)  Don't lie.

Umm..remember how you claimed here you never posted IPs?  And remember how it was proven that you did?  Yes, you've blown it yet again, Catherine.

10)  No gay lames

You and BAD only do gay lames.

11)  Posting IPs are bad. 

*chuckle*.  You must post peoples IPs on a regular basis too.

So caskur tell me a single standard that you've set for others that you have actually managed to keep yourself

Title: Re: An Alpo Interview
Post by: caskurô on October 10, 2009, 10:40:41 am
That whole post is total fabrication of his twisted mind.

without going through the whole thing as he just wants me to respond to him over CO....I have NEVER told anyone not to do gay lames....I can't stand pedo lames, absolutely will not stand for them...but not gay lames...

what a drama Queen he is...

he has posted no links what-so-ever...