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Title: I Like This, This Makes me Laugh...
Post by: caskurô on August 05, 2009, 12:12:33 am
Pogo wrote, then Daz c&p... and now I am gossiping...where are my knitting needles?...

Pongo wrote

1) I'm rarely here.

2) Cinema - projector. Blue Ray, HD, Surround Sound, Satillite, Cable

3) I have two other living rooms. One formal, the other a wood panel family room,

4) I have 2 cars 1 is a Toyota the other a Honda

5)Money... I have lots of MONEY.. MONEY MONEY MONEY...

6) The pool is mine, it's heated has a waterfall and is 39,000 gallons...

HAHA... you live in some ramshackle basement...

Title: Re: I Like This, This Makes me Laugh...
Post by: caskurô on August 05, 2009, 12:19:29 am
Looks like caskur is not the flavour of the week.....pogo's turn this week...

Daz wrote

Wussley the kept slap **** is a web developer you know?

This boards shitty loading times and crap content is just to throw us off the scent.....he's really a lot better than this.

Or so Sezza tells us

He's an unemployed washed out druggie who f****older Men for small change.....he even allowed himself to be moved into what can only be described as a 'Bordello' where his owner takes his 10 bucks a week out of his arse


Most woman won't do what Wussley does for a man.

Wussley's daily chores.

Suck ****
Make breakfast
Clean dishes, wash lover's underwears and clean the house
clean the pool for tonight's company
vacuum all 1200 sq ft of carpeting
sneak in some computer time to gossip with the gals
walk the dog and clean up the poop
suck his man's **** before dinner
serve dinner
clean up after dinner

Owner pats Wussley on the head and tells him what a good job his is doing sucking **** and doing his wifely duties yck

All his friends call him Betty **** ysimlie