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Title: Flynn brags on FC Blog about "victories"
Post by: Damion Hellstrom on August 15, 2008, 08:04:28 am
I had to smile when I read this

Three years in flametown...as written at BH (Flynn)
Sometimes looking back upon my illustrious career here at BH, it only seemed like yesterday when I was verbally suplexing dreadnaught with his candy cane flavored lame back to tardville. It seemed like only yesterday when I bitchslapped the **** out of Unconcerned, that she needed wooden implants so she could chew food properly. It just seems like it was today when when I used both Jewels and Calliope skeets in my target practice with my .50 caliber flaming barbs.

It's been a great three years. Stomping the **** out of newbies, who run afoul of seasoned veterans like myself in the flame game, I truly enjoy clotheslining the **** out of some unsuspecting schumck, who thinks that gals can't flame, and send him packing with a brown streak all the way up his back. How could I ever forget the challenging times, when the "regs" tried dog-piling me with their simplistic, and banal lames; only to be assaulted with my painful flames of truth that sent them reeling back and gasping for air.

The trolling was fun, the independent forum raiding alongside my trusty sidekicks, the many nic-switches that had most of BH fooled, and drove you peons nuts trying to figure out who it was. But most of all, it was cake making all of you mad, frustrated, and perplexed in a New York minute.

Truth of the matter, most of you cannot flame, and when you try it looks like a rusty rickshaw careening down the street on fire and out of control. The many lot of you stink at metaphorical alliteration, and adjectives. Most of you think that continual typing, and continual whining counts as being in the "game", when in reality it shows you're nothing but a blind ponce, who wouldn't know a flame if it pissed on you. Frankly most of you are worthless flotsam, with a target the size of Texas stenciled on your oversized watermelon shaped craniums; indeed "X" does mark the spot.

I have had the opportunity to see some of you grow into full fledged flamers, who ascend into a style of your own, who when push comes to shove are able to negotiate the ambivalent waters of P.I. and are also able to take "flaming" at face value; you I salute. You are far and few, because you do rise to the occassion, and you are always stalwart when it comes to the flame game. You aren't bullied, prodded or shoved into a position to backstab, play political games. You are you, and you're here for you, and you're no a drab housewife pretending to be a man. I can only speculate on how many cross-gendered species we really have here at Brawl-Hall.

For you up and comers, I suggest you take your lumps, e-bruises and continue fighting. Most of you will never become **** here, except to be stepped on by the more talented flamers. Never give up, one day you may make it through this dysfunctional fog of anonymity, and become whatever it is you want to be. Until then, sit down and shut the **** up.

Here is a list of people who I personally destroyed:

Pierce Coontz
Wotrang AKA The Crimson King
Lord Cheesus
Veronica Corningstone
Sum Cun't
The Wise and Powerful

Wow.  Flynn claims she's beaten everyone in flametown.  Which is amazing, considering that she has a rep of not showing up for matches and callouts, or barely showing up for them and losing.

Title: Re: Flynn brags on FC Blog about "victories"
Post by: Omnia on August 15, 2008, 08:14:11 am
hehehehe . . . I laughed out loud for a good two minutes ~ thanks Flynn.

Title: Re: Flynn brags on FC Blog about "victories"
Post by: Damion Hellstrom on August 15, 2008, 08:35:18 am
Amazing.  She's beaten entire message boards without even bothering to show up for other than one or two posts.

Title: Re: Flynn brags on FC Blog about "victories"
Post by: Omnia on August 16, 2008, 07:02:43 am
Well, in Flynn's defense he does actually possess the nads (literally)to post on  other boards . . .
whether or not he has beaten anyone on those boards is another matter.

Title: Re: Flynn brags on FC Blog about "victories"
Post by: caskurô on August 16, 2008, 10:29:38 am
He is funny, I'll give him that.