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Topic Summary
Posted on: May 21, 2009, 08:20:24 pm
Posted by: caskurô
omg, since I became an admin on Megan's board, the whining from 3 main men is shocking...Premier, Throttlejockey and Bender.....they HATE what I say although I am NO different to any of them...I just don't take their **** or back down and they HATE that....

Bantam the other admin is brilliant....in real life, he is a managing accountant...he is so balanced and even tempered...
Posted on: May 21, 2009, 08:05:57 pm
Posted by: Damion Hellstrom
Oh come on...what is that person saying?  That moderators should be restricted as towards what they can say on a board they are moderating at?

So far I haven't heard any claims there of the mods (a) changing posts, (b) deleting posts, (c) muting members who disagree with them.  All of these things are regularly done on various forums.

I would think that the admin knows what she wants...so why is a member bitching about "over moderation"?  Because a thread was locked or moved?  That's hardly something to complain about.
Posted on: May 21, 2009, 06:48:04 pm
Posted by: caskurô

Yeah, I call them Mods..........

Megan you've been justifying everything you've done on the grounds that "your trying to attract new members" or anyone who disagree's with you doesn't want the board to succeed.

It's bullshit Megan.

Forget about trying to attract new members (which is a furphy in and of itself), you need to start worrying about retaining the members you've got.

You, Caskur and Bantam have no special ability to know "what's best", you can try to do what you think is best, but we see time and time again this sheer bloody mindedness on your part where you refuse to back down from a mistake and then make a series of silly, unbelievable justifications.

Caskur is a failure as a mod because she is too argumentative, she enjoys needling members (as is her right) but that perception that it is a mod doing it is terribly off-putting.  Megan you display an arrogance in dealing with members concerns that shows that you have absolutely no place in guiding this board.

I think it's well past time the moderators came to the uncomfortable truth.

It's not us, it's you.

Whatever happened to the board aims that the only moderation would be to remove **** or like spamming?  First Altair, now Caskur seem to take the line that because they've got a moderators button it gives them some special ability to make the board in their own image.  It doesn't.  Particularly given the case that the Mods aren't chosen with the boards assent.  Indeed, the evidence shows that it is driving members away.

For a board that was founded on the principals of minimal moderation this place is turning into the most heavily moderated forum I've seen.  Caskur and Megan are justifying it on the grounds of "cleaning the place up", it's bullshit.  Let the river flow.  If a thread doesn't get any action it disappears below the horizon, if no one else agree's with it it does the walk of shame.  By removing threads to the boxing ring, particularly those that are critical of the moderators all you are doing is giving currency to the belief that you guys are unwilling to accept any criticism.

Moderators can't make a board succeed, but they can make it fail.  Only the members can make a board succeed and right now it seems like you guys are doing your level best to drive the members away.

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